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  1. seangee

    Da Brat aka Chameleon

    Its finished. I did it. And just in time
  2. seangee

    Pin up photoshoot saturday August 1st NYC NJ area

    I know a professional photographer in the NYC NJ area who is looking for some cool bikes for a pinup photoshoot saturday August 1st for 2 hours. If you have photogenic bikes and are in the area message me
  3. seangee

    Da Brat

    I didnt quite finish my winter build off bike "bumblebee" so I thought maybe i would work with something smaller this time. (bumblebee is almost finished now after some paint issues) So I introduce to you "Da Brat", my daughters 20" bratz bike that needs a makeover. It has a cool frame and i...
  4. seangee

    DBS kombi lux

    My wife found this Norwegian folder on craigslist and it is actually a really cool bike. Cant find any information on it that isnt in Norwegian and dbs still makes bikes, but you can only get them in Norway. It has a drum brake in front, a 2 speed kickback coaster in the rear. It also has a...
  5. seangee

    Does anybody know what this is?

    The rear dropouts look cool and very unique. If I had ever seen them before I would remember I think. If anybody knows, please share
  6. seangee

    Anybody in Arizona

    That could ship a bike to me?
  7. seangee

    (WBO) 1960 Murray sonic flight "Bumblebee"

    My daughter and I will be entering our first build off ever. She originally wanted a wal mart Panama Jack bike, but I was able to persuade her away from that unsafe rubbish and toward this 1960 Murray sonic flight in pretty good condition. It's mostly complete and has beautiful lines and curves...
  8. seangee

    Anybody near hilsborough Oregon?

    I'm looking for somebody that could ship a couple bikes to me here in Sacramento from there
  9. seangee

    Just picked up my first cruiser yesterday

    Rode her today for the first time... What a ride
  10. seangee

    Dyno or knockoff

    The chainguard leads me to believe it's a dyno or kustom kruiser, but when I went to see it there were no markings on the end of the top tube, so I'm thinking crappy knockoff. The serial is stamped on the topside of the bb. I love the style of this bike, but don't want to pay to much for craps...
  11. seangee

    Anybody know this frame?

    I'm just wondering what it is, I like it a lot. I'm thinking maybe a dyno or macargi, but that's just a guess.