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  1. Phil Fink

    Western Flyer.....Year?

    I forget when the brown earth tones were the latest thing, maybe later 1970’s?
  2. Phil Fink

    Colson Flyer 26" balloon tire project

    Calling the paint done, and started assembly. Forgot the dry fit of bearing parts, found the crank to be a tight fit, and the fork requires threads to be trimmed with a die tool.
  3. Phil Fink

    Pre-war step-through just for laughs

    I think that the bike is almost too nice to be a prop display piece on a farmhouse yard. Aren’t those often seen in more rust tones? (If only it was not a girl’s frame).
  4. Phil Fink

    Old 20 inch

    The model 720 in the catalog picture looks more like a classic drop bar frame, as we can see the angles between the top tube and the seat stays. The actual bike appears to be a more streamlined design, as the line of the top tube continues into the seat stay tubes (like on the larger models in...
  5. Phil Fink

    53ish Western Flyer.

    My family had a used English lightweight kids drop bar frame bike just like that one. All of my brothers and sisters learned how to ride without training wheels on it. It got a lot of use and abuse and besides the bent fork the chain would often slip off. I believe that it is still hanging in...
  6. Phil Fink

    What length do you think these are.

    Next to the 36-tooth chain ring sprocket, (about 145mm), the crank looks about 5+1/4” on the small screen; what kind of bike is it? My earlier comment may have been more appropriate to larger frames, such as GT Dyno 26” cruisers; I have also seen a few 178mm cranks, (in between 175 and 180)...
  7. Phil Fink

    What length do you think these are.

    Some GT bikes used metric parts from Taiwan, such as 165mm (short), 175mm (cruiser); and 180mm (watch-out when leaning). 5mm is about 3/16”.
  8. Phil Fink

    26” Cantilever Style Frame Comparision Thread

    Perhaps the definition of cantilever may had changed; I recall an advertisement attributing the architectural adjective to an older design. The Shelby with the CWC-like curved rear fork/stays might have been a 1953 transition bike?
  9. Phil Fink

    Schwinn World and Rixe road bikes value

    I believe that the light blue girls bike could be improved with more comfortable handle bars, mattress springs saddle seat, and fenders. But those or new tires and tubes may be cost prohibitive.
  10. Phil Fink


    Yes, but probably not worth the effort, when compared with shiny replacements. Perhaps the various tabs could be un-bent and later re-bent; but those were not especially quality pedals in their own time. For painting alone, (no bearing work), the tabs for the reflectors could be worked; unless...
  11. Phil Fink

    Schwinn?? Year?? Model?? Help

    The wedge type seat post must have been a short term post war feature; (maybe another manufacturer had a patent). We see them again on some later 1950’s AMF and Evans bikes, (perhaps others). Rat rodding seems appropriate — as it looks like the bike has been modified in the last ~73 years.
  12. Phil Fink

    Cruiser bike

    1985, or 20 years later, like 2005(?). There are some threads on GT Dyno Kustom Kruisers history, including the various ownerships and the end.
  13. Phil Fink

    Noob lookin' to build a klunker

    Good choice for a Worksman lug frame over a Colson; many pre-war Colson frames that I have seen have braze repairs at the rear fork chain stays.
  14. Phil Fink

    29er coaster brake

    Could be something over or under tightened at a factory or at the store; the braking or coasting or driving problem was not really stated. When I hear of cruiser bicycles and San Diego — I think of Mission Beach (or PB).
  15. Phil Fink

    Schwinn?? Year?? Model?? Help

    1947 Hawthorne by Snyder - built at the Excelsior Michigan City Indiana plant (closer to Wards Chicago). Serial number might be on the seat tube mast, with a letter “C” prefix followed by 6 digits. Someone may have swapped out the chain ring sprocket for an A&S 4-hole; (and the seat post clamp...
  16. Phil Fink

    Zenith Bike. ID help

    Where is the “J” — on the seat tube mast or the left drop out? I have a couple of Rollfast 1953-K bikes that might indicate some letters were skipped, (or the code changed). Thinking early middle-1950’s; about that time the date-place codes on the bottom were fairly light. Double check the...
  17. Phil Fink

    Fork Stuck

    Looks like the stem is about 90% out already(?). Like another said tap the bolt down; we see a gap where it has lifted up from the stem. Also, I usually loosen the top nut on the headset.
  18. Phil Fink

    Zenith Bike. ID help

    HP Snyder built, distributed by DP Harris, (Rollfast), sold by Marshall Wells hardware stores, Duluth Minnesota. See the “R” (Rollfast) chain ring sprocket; maybe later 1940’s. The lip on the front of the seat post clamp is also a Snyder feature. Look under the stand clamp on the seat tube mast...
  19. Phil Fink

    Any ideas??

    Might be a 26” frame with the wrong wheels; the rear looks about 1” too small all around, cannot see front (too oblique of an angle). The rear hub looks like a Musselman 1936 design patent 101,999 for the annular ribs. I thought that they provided those mostly to Sears(?).
  20. Phil Fink

    Crack in rim?

    Schwinn, with their tall frame sizes, insurance that a short thief might not choose to steal that bike among others.