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  1. repedaler

    Pure fix

    I have had this thing all summer trying to sell! Today I moved the front break to the back, flipped the lever over to the right, cleaned a little and cloth wrapped the bars topped off with corks! As time goes I will sticker bomb!
  2. repedaler

    74 Schwinn HD needs wax

    This wandered into my shop yesterday, had to buy it because it was cheap and I needed the jewels off the rack. Jon (whitecoyote) needed the rack, so he came and picked it up. He took it to Eastbike in centerline mi for Denny the wizard to take the bend out of the fork. Jon returned the beast and...
  3. repedaler

    1961 Schwinn Traveler

    Went to a local bike night last night to shed a few bikes and bins of parts (want to ride more and tinker less) and end up bringing this back! But I did get rid of all the stuff I took.
  4. repedaler

    Second Annual Armada (Mi) Tweed & Steam Punk Ride!!!!!!!!! May 6th

    Armada Area Chamber of Commerce presents the Second annual Armada Tweed & Steampunk Ride! We will meet at the Granary at the South end of town at noon for registration and Wristbands. The ride will leave at 1:00, We will head out of town towards Richmond or Romeo ( depending on the weather) and...
  5. repedaler

    Vintage tire patch/vulcanizer

    A buddy of mine found this today and brought it in. The guy he got it from said it was an old bike tool, so he figured I needed it. I love Mondays.
  6. repedaler

    Royal Oak Michigan Bike Swap and show Sept 24th

    This weekend Sept 24th at royal Oak Farmers Market. Its pretty cool, I went last year and found some cool stuff. Its worth checking out!
  7. repedaler

    Armada-Geddon is Coming!

    On October 7th, the town of Armada will be hosting its annual Armada-Geddon Halloween fair! Come out and join us, heck put your bikes in the parade (which there are always a ton of). Check out the link below for more info and pics.
  8. repedaler

    Another bike finds its way back home!

    My Enduro 7 showed back up Today! I sold this/loaned to a friend a few years back and he sold it to someone else. He ended up with it back and long story short I now have it back. Im going to shorten the cables throw on some knobs and take her to the dirt. I always regretted getting rid of this...
  9. repedaler

    Not exactly a fresh find!

    I was in the back of my shop digging thru Mt Bikemore and remembered I had this bike, It was in pieces back there for the last 3 yrs. I was having it powder coated by a friend of mine (who just disappeared off the map) for a friend of mine. Long story short Im trying to work a deal so I can...
  10. repedaler

    My first MTB recovered!

    I had this bike in 90-91. I bought the frame and built it up with parts from the shop I worked at. I was at my friends shop yesterday checking out his used bikes and was NO WAY my univega(I know its mine because I put every no fear sticker I could find on it........Cheesey) . It is a late 80s...
  11. repedaler

    Trek Sawyer on adventures

    Got out to do some off roadn on the sawyer, was going good till I decided to hit a tree with my left hand. After that I continued to ride around and found some dead singletrack that stopped at the railroad tracks. All in all a good ride. 50/50
  12. repedaler

    Another 1979 Heavy Duti.............gotta love thursday garage sales

    My wife found this bad boy on a garage sale FB page this morning and ask if it was a good one I said yes and left my house at 8 30am so I could get there when it opened. It looked roached from sitting in a barn so I got it at a good price from the original owner. Two hours later with a SOS pad...
  13. repedaler

    Two new finds all ready ratted out!

    Blue one is a 50, 3g wheels with 2 spd kick back, varsity cranks, second is a 61with a panther fork, nothing special just cool. I have been watching them on CL for a month and finally worked out a deal. Going to keep one and sell the other, just dont know which will get a new home yet.
  14. repedaler

    Trek Classic Cruiser

    Found this on CL 3 miles from my house for 70 beans. Rear hub is junk, paints scuffed but I figure for 70 bucks, its a cool project frame. Dont mind the speed hole in the trucks wheel well!
  15. repedaler

    My Trek Sawyer

    This was one of my grail bikes, and I finally found one last year on CL. Not a true KLunker, but it looks the part!
  16. repedaler

    81 Schwinn Cruiser 5 for Klunker, will it hold up?

    Just picked up a 81 Cruiser 5, what do you guys think of middle weights for Klunkers. The wheels are heavy duty double flange heavy spoked. I read pros and cons on these frames. Id post pics but my buddy just took off on it! I just want to use it on dirt roads and light single track but don't...
  17. repedaler

    Hello from Mi

    Great site, been Lurker for years and just joined. From my name you can gather I like old bikes and getting them rollin again! Rich
  18. repedaler

    Armada Mi, Tweed and Steampunk Ride!

    Armada (Mi) Area Chamber of Commerce presents the first Armada Tweed & Steampunk Ride! We will meet at the Granary at the South end of town at noon for registration and Wristbands. The ride will leave at 1:00, We will head out of town towards Richmond and then return to have a picnic in the...