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  1. bigredddaddy

    Disk break pads...

    Hey hey! I have an old 26"x1 3/8 back rim that has a disk break, on the caliper, it says Western Auto. I've looked around and can't find new pads. Anyone know where to get them?
  2. bigredddaddy

    RRB meets by states? chapters?

    I've been absent for a while so I hope no one has posted a topic on this lately. A while back, there was talk of a RRB show or rat-a-paloza where we could all get together, hang out, and of course, ride. If I remember right, at the time we had like just over 1000 members. So we were few and far...
  3. bigredddaddy

    HEY HEY! Wha'd I miss?

    Hey dudes!! I'm back in the saddle with a laptop I scored cheep! Havn't been here much in the last year, did make the Build Off at least, of course there was no way I could miss it :D These days I don't turn the wrenches as much as I'd like, I play in two rock bands which eats up lotsa free...
  4. bigredddaddy

    Rustic Hawthorn

    Build off fans, I give you rust in motion.... I'm limited on time these days so I made this build an easy one, still had fun and only took 5 days to slap together :D Good luck to all who threw there hat in the ring!!!
  5. bigredddaddy

    Rustic Hawthorn

    This is a old Hawthorn that I saved from going to the scrap yard. It was considered using for last years build off but the "999 Racer" was another story. I've got a few rusty parts lying around so this is as rat as it gets. Here's the frame that I paid $1 for. And the pile of parts, rusted 72...
  6. bigredddaddy

    Rat Chopper

    Has anyone done a chopper in the RRBBO before? I'm to lazy to look :roll: Behold the coolest bike that I've scored at a garage sale yet! I paid $$1000 for it (ten bucks realy, do we still have to use the code?) Not in bad shape either, only bug is one of the fork tubes is bent. I am going...
  7. bigredddaddy

    Hey Michigan rockers!!!

    We've got our first gig on the 16th of may! It's at Jorge's in Burr Oak on M12. All kinds of cool stuff to rock out to so if anyone is near the place come on out! Gonna be fun!!! Our name is Fool's Adrenaline. That's me bottom right and I play the bass 8) Thank's!
  8. bigredddaddy

    What's up man!!!!

    Been gone for a bit, lss, split from the x wife at Thanksgiving, moved to a house with a garage :D , joined a rock band(I play the bass)and meet a new girl that rocks. I miss this site a bunch and I'll be in the build off for sure!I am in the garage hacking and chopping, no PC but I still have...
  9. bigredddaddy

    2 years later...

    Thanksgiving morning 2006 was the first time I ruined a bike :roll: And I still ride it here and there. The latest mess... I didn't find this site 'till a bit later but I'm glad I did. :D Still having more than the recomended amount of fun :!: Thanks y'all :!: :!: :!:
  10. bigredddaddy

    4 wheel scooter

    Scooter anyone? ... tZScooters
  11. bigredddaddy

    Winter riding tips.

    I've thought about what stinks about riding in the cold and what to do for it. More of us would ride in the winter if we armed for it. My eyes water like crazy in -10* (that's COLD too :shock: ) so I'm getting snowboard goggles. I have a cheap Carhart copy coat and pants that I'm gonna spray...
  12. bigredddaddy


    I may be late to the party, but I seen a ad at the Olds forum fir it. Seems cool, and give epay some competition. There is ubid too, but I don't see stuff that catches my eyeball. Worth checking out.
  13. bigredddaddy

    Pedal crawler!

    Guys at Atomic Zombie posted this, be seated and take a breath... :shock: I'm saving for a tig welder, I may change that :mrgreen:
  14. bigredddaddy

    #2 (burrito)

    It's burrito fever! Everyone' s doing it! Okay, not too many but I do know another dude buildin' one. So after 3 hours of hacking and mesuring and ploting, here's what i've got. It's a mess :D I don't care too much about using MTB rims but "24 coasters are not-exsistant 'round these parts. But...
  15. bigredddaddy

    Pipe bender plans

    Seen this earlier on the Atomic Zombie forum and had to bring it here! Seems cheap and easy to build one, I'm gonna start getting stuff around. :D
  16. bigredddaddy

    "999 Racer"

    I can't wait to set some land speed records :roll: This was fun and cost just a bit over $20 to build. I rode it earlier and it is fast! I am gonna try to get it to go faster. There's a 3-speed out back.....
  17. bigredddaddy

    Darrell Abbott's B-Day

    If you know this guy, crack a cold one for him. Realy miss those concerts, I've still got his pic from the last show Damage Plan did in Ft Wayne with Hatebreed. RIP DIME!!!
  18. bigredddaddy

    People driving with a cell phone shoved up they're head are gonna hit me yet, so a helmet looks better all the time. No plain wal-mart helmet for me. I've always wanted a German WWII helmet, chrome of course :mrgreen: Some arn't DOT approve but I'm not going 45mph either. Check 'em out...
  19. bigredddaddy

    New rides

    My wife goes garage saling quite a bit, so I told here to keep an eye out for old bikes. Got this Western Flyer for $10 and is in good shape, the seat isn't original but it's comfy :D The girls Huffy was for $3, has a 3-speed. I'm seeing a Uncle Strech treatment in it's future.
  20. bigredddaddy

    16x3.0 tubes N/A, I don't need 'em!!

    Got a 16in schwinn chopper free and it has a flat, no biggy. But after a search of part sites, I turned up nothing. Then an idea came to me at work, run 2 16x1.75 tubes side-by-side and drill 2 holes 180* on the rim. Kinda tough getting it together but it's good to go! I also only put 30psi in...