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  1. Phil Fink

    Newer Wider Hubs w/ Older Narrower Forks

    Does anyone else just make do with the newer wider front wheel hubs and stretch the older narrower forks to fit; (I forget if it is a 5mm or 10mm difference)? Sometimes I notice that using a Quick Release front wheel makes the stretching part easier. Wondering if rebuilding modern 28” (700)...
  2. Phil Fink

    How to search threads again with new and improved softaware, (or something)

    Where did the " Search " button go; do I need a special application, or re-training, to see it again. Is it one of those "white" on white background things; there but not seen, for some cool-factor reason; (wouldn't that be cool)?
  3. Phil Fink

    Holes Worn Thru Forks/Stays

    I have obtained a couple of classic 28” former warped wood wheel bike frames, where a lopsided tire or wheel has worn through the tubing of forks or stays, also have 26” frames with ice blowout and loose crank wear thru. Is there a good way to patch or repair these significant holes? I am...
  4. Phil Fink

    1930's Snyder-built motorbike project

    I bought this pale yellow motorbike frame a couple of years ago. It inspired me for a Colonel Mustard project. I assembled a mock-up w/ mis-matched parts. Found what might be a Westfield truss fork. Sent to sand blast at Safeway in Culver City. Two (2) red primer coats; rusty metal &...
  5. Phil Fink

    Colson Flyer 26" balloon tire project

    Do I really need to start yet another motorbike project(?). Well, if I did not start, how would I ever finish(!). Nice 1930's Colson frame & fork with some dings and dents. I like that it is a 26" version of the double bar drop frame style. Looked once stripped of original paint and maybe about...
  6. Phil Fink

    Twin Truss bar frame circa ~1915(?)

    Found a neat little 20" double straight bar frame, and getting around to picking a color. It was received in a rusty-gold tone, with evidence of original black inside. Sand-blasted and red 1st primer coat. I was thinking about black, because it was before, but one might have too-many black...
  7. Phil Fink

    1936 Colson 18.5" straight bar model 04066 code "Backing"

    One of a few frames recently sent to sandblast. The frame only had original dark red paint on the insides of the holes, and has nice enough braze repairs, and evidence of grinding the top tube to make a wrong tank fit. Sandblasting revealed a 1936 serial number. I tried to be neat about it...
  8. Phil Fink

    circa 1925 Arch Bar Truss Frame Roadster

    Working a vintage arch-bar or truss-frame roadster. Was a royal blue over original black. Not sure of maker; leaning toward H.P. Snyder built. Cleaned-up fairly nice. Rust-Oleum red-brown 1st primer coat. Rust-Oleum black 2nd primer coat.
  9. Phil Fink

    1995 Huffy Good Vibrations beach cruiser

    Finally got around to taking the frame and fork to the sand blast shop. Rust-Oleum red-brown primer coat.
  10. Phil Fink

    Bottom bracket, crank, sprocket --- Fauber replacement(s)

    I have a neat old American bike with ~46mm (1.8") custom (home made?) press-fit/soldered bearing cups in the threaded Fauber hanger; I am not sure if their re-use is the best idea, as I cannot tell why a such great blobs of lead solder were used. I see a few online bottom brackets that are...
  11. Phil Fink

    Ladies old unknown 28" bike project

    Got a deal on a frame, (girls frames are usually at discount), and a new bike project. It takes 28” wheels, normal cranks, but a 1-3/8” headset (or 35mm), and an odd seat tube feature. Head badge 2-7/8” between holes; I can use CWC badges, (or find something older). It was once a black bike...
  12. Phil Fink

    Canadian or ... Westfield; 4-bean chain ring (?)

    I have a vintage chain ring that I am trying to best-match to a Westfield project or to another "unknown" bike project. I want to deviate from the fairly-standard 26-tooth 1"-pitch, for bikes that will not have to be walked up moderate hills. I have enough 26-11 x 28" projects (2.36 ratio) This...
  13. Phil Fink

    Repo 4-Heart skip-tooth Chain Ring sprockets

    Did anyone ever make reproduction sweetheart or 4-of-hearts chain rings? I have a rusted one that I prepped and primed, and a re-chromed version, (if I decide to go the shiny route). I noticed a snow-man reamed drive pin hole, so I aligned the two sprockets, and they do not quite match. One is...
  14. Phil Fink

    Oversize 1" I.D. Sprockets and 1"-24 Cranks

    I purchased a vintage crank a while back only to find out that it may have been more antique than merely vintage. It had the diamond (or some call bayonet) shaped crank arms, and I found that a modern RHS cone could not get past the left-handed LHS threads (also oversize). Headset washers (1")...
  15. Phil Fink

    Dyno Fireball - Red with Tank

  16. Phil Fink

    OPC Bottom Bracket (Hanger) Bearings 9-10-12-loose

    I see that bottom bracket bearings with retainers are cheaper by the box; (10 may seem like a lot, but that's 5 bike sets). I have some pre-balloon motorbikes with 5/16" x 10 each bearing retainers, and understand that long ago (pre-BMX) the industry may have conformed to 5/16" x 9 each(?). I...
  17. Phil Fink

    Odd size Fork Thread & Diameter; vintage

    I have a couple of vintage pre-balloon motobike forks that look like 24 tpi, but a 1" die just barely won't fit/start on those; [it can be turned by hand (no tool holder/handle) on a regular set of 1950's or so forks]. The diameter looks like 1-1/32" or 1-1/16" or maybe 26 mm or 27 mm, in...
  18. Phil Fink

    1933 Colson Flyer 28" Motobike Project

    I got a deal on a 28” double bar drop frame online. The drop-outs, chain ring, and serial number suggest Colson, Elyria Ohio make. I was able to slap on some parts already on hand to make it a rider. (I borrowed the wheels from my Shapleigh project). The ~80-90’s paint is blue with brown...
  19. Phil Fink

    Shapely 1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike Project

    1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike. I bought this motobike frame &c. with damage, rust and missing parts, however, the double top-bar, special truss fork (arch or wishbone), and uncommon skip-tooth chain-ring (26-T), all caught my eye, as did the price. The condition may be what placed it into...
  20. Phil Fink

    from Manchester by the Sea

    Hello, I joined this community a while back, after searching info on one of my ongoing projects, GT Dyno Kustom Kruiser, Huffy, Snyder or Worksman. Like some of those deferred re-plans, I sort-of procrastinated on doing this introductions part. (I may even learn to post a picture too...