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  1. highwheelerboy25

    Schwinn Cycle Truck decals

    im in search or some Schwinn Cycle Truck decals. Let me k ow whatcha have!
  2. highwheelerboy25

    Need help!!! What is "The Look" muscle bike

    Murray built frame.
  3. highwheelerboy25

    Two Unusual muscle bikes

    Sent you a pm.
  4. highwheelerboy25

    A great find of vintage bikes -- jackpot

    Plans for these? Especially the yellow 20" that is similar to a stratostreak?........
  5. highwheelerboy25

    1966 Columbia Commuter II

    Made by Magneet in Weesp, Holland.
  6. highwheelerboy25

    Wheels Through Time Museum Score!

    Boiled linseed oil.
  7. highwheelerboy25

    Rotten Rocket

    Monark Rocket circa 1956. After doing some mechanical restoring and preserving the original paint I had to find a chainguard since it didn't have the original. I found one the was a close match and went with it. New tires and tubes . I decided to go with blackwalls instead of whitewalls to make...
  8. highwheelerboy25

    Vista Torino 400

    i had a chance to trade a bike I had to Ceebee when I realized I didn't really see anything I hadn't already owned. Then I noticed this little gem on Craigslist and asked if he'd pick it up for me. A deal was struck and the gods smiled and all was right with the world. I got a Carlisle tire...
  9. highwheelerboy25

    1966 Columbia Commuter II

    Ive always wanted one of these so when I saw one on eBay I jumped on it. I put new tubes and tires on it and cables and housing. Rides as good as new!
  10. highwheelerboy25

    Softride Pro700

    I owned this once and sold it and the guy I that bought ended up. It wanting it so he sold it and o got it for free from the guy he sold it to. Working at a bicycle shop I had means to get the parts I needed to make it rideable. When it came to paint I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I...
  11. highwheelerboy25

    Anerica's Bicycle Company Swing King

    I bought this a few years after I sold it to my friend Justin. I decided I didn't like the generic look so I added a Felt triple tree fork and some 24" wheels with 24x3 tires. After riding in the rain a few times I decided to add fenders and remove the chainguard and replace it with a Wald...
  12. highwheelerboy25

    I.E. Cycles Lonely King

    Only picture I have of it. I had it a few years ago. I changed the factory wheels after the rear hub failed and cracked the shell. I removed the original stickers and rode it until someone wanted it more than me!
  13. highwheelerboy25

    Elgin Motorbike

    Scored this one from my good friend Ceebee. It looked rough around the edges but cleaned up nicely. Hubs were rebuilt and replaced into the rims. Front rim was too bad so I used a later j.c. Higgins rim I had lying around. Rebuilt the headset and bottom bracket and added a Persons majestic siren...
  14. highwheelerboy25

    Wheels Through Time Museum Score!

    A while back I went to the museum in Maggie Valley NC to check out some vintage motorcycles and there ended up being a few bicycles there also. As I was leaving I noticed this one leaned up near an out building so I talked to the curator/owner Dale Walksler and made an offer and he accepted. I...
  15. highwheelerboy25

    Skip tooth adaptor for a newer Shimano hub

    Are any of these still floating around?
  16. highwheelerboy25

    Iverson Yellowbird...a Holy Grail!

    Still waiting for more photos!
  17. highwheelerboy25

    It's Coming GET-A-GRIP Cleveland TN it's our 5th Year!

    I plan on being there around 4am so I didn't t have to wait in line for vendors!
  18. highwheelerboy25

    West Bicycles' Vintagetarian Bicycle Show

    I just want to say thanks to all who showed up to hang out with like minds, we also had a great time. And I'd like to say to the people who said they would show but didn't, shame. Shame on you. Unforgivable. Thank you guys for keeping the vintage bicycle lamps trimmed and burning!