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  1. That0neGuy

    World of Wheels Car Show Indiana WHO'S GOING ??

    It's this weekend at the state fairgrounds. A couple friends and club members are showing some bikes. I'll be there Thurs to help set up then I'll be there all weekend I'm hoping of not atleast Saturday. I was just curious if I would run into any forum members or if any of you guys would like to...
  2. That0neGuy

    A peek around my area Indianapolis,IN PIC HEAVY

    I seen a couple guys in the same state post some so I figured I'd show off my area alittle and see If I can get some more RRB to join in on some rides with us = :P Here you guys go, enjoy !!!!
  3. That0neGuy

    Indianapolis Cruise 8/18 GPX motorcycle rally PIX ADDED!!!=D

    ***** PIX AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE ***** The Circle City Cruisers and friends are having a ride tomorrow night.It'll be about 10- 15 mile ride around downtown and possible the canal if it isn't too crowded. Anybody is welcome to come , ride whatever you like ! The meet up is at 8PM August the...
  4. That0neGuy

    Off brand 3spd muscle bike, badged "Roddy" Need info on it

    Ran into this today on my way back home from work. It's probably going to the for sale section. I'm not really into muscle bike's and I figured someone on here might want it, atleast for parts. It's got a sweet looking banana seat that should clean up good.Everything works besides the speedo ...
  5. That0neGuy

    Need information regarding a 52' Schwinn Phantom please

    First off thanks for taking some time to possible helping another member out ! Now here's what's going on. I'm not a Schwinn guy by any means and I'm looking for any information I could learn from you guys about my new bicycle whick I believe is a 1952 BF Goodrich Schwinn Phantom. The head badge...
  6. That0neGuy

    1952 BF Goodrich Schwinn Phantom Indiana find

    My dad likes to go auctions here and there so being a bicycle guy I told him to look out for old bikes for me. Every now and again I'll get a call about something he finds but it's usually some junker bike from the 70's or earlier , well one time he did find me a Krate parts bike but usually 90%...
  7. That0neGuy

    Another trip to my LBS "Indy Cycle Specialist" -lots of pix-

    As seen in my other topic in this section the steertube snapped on my nephew's springer fork so I need a replacement and also needed a tube for my dad's bicycle, while I was there I figured I would snap some pictures for you guys to drool over :P . Awesome shop for every kind of rider not just...
  8. That0neGuy

    Be carefull if you purchased a repop springer !!

    I bought this one about a year ago for my nephew's bicycle. The steertube is thin then adding thread on top of a thin steertube you get this... :shock: Also the crown has a groove in it from the spring bolt rubbing it from the action of the fork. :shock: Just a heads up guys :wink: Now...
  9. That0neGuy

    Visit to the local BS

    Had to stop in to grab some parts so I figured I would take pictures of some of the stuff that caught my eye =) . Enjoy First off here's some dark brown Quick Bricks on a ladies cruiser ..... Never knew they came in this color but i believe it's just for that model of bike. Felt's black...
  10. That0neGuy

    Wife's bike "Little Judy"

    I got her a Huffy Cranbrook awhile ago and of course stock isn't going to cut it.It's going to be a simple build no frame mods or anything. Just changing out parts and the paint . Here's the bike stock with the much needed cup holder and horn. So far her twisted springer...
  11. That0neGuy

    Help me out fellas let me know whick setup you like

    No tank Tank on top Tank on bottem Not sure on what choice I'm going to do ,help a member out =) Tank ya guys ! cheers !!! Of course it's a ruff mock but yes it'll be bondod and looking better whem done
  12. That0neGuy

    Cool but odd Sears bike and a Felt New Belguim

    Not mine or they would be in the for sale sections but I thought I would share theses with you guys . Cheers ! and these classics ...
  13. That0neGuy

    Indianapolis people come out for a ride with the C.C.C. !!!

    This Friday if the weather is nice like the weatherman claims we'll be taking a cruise around Downtown at 6:30. The meet up is at White River Prkwy and New York. We'll ride for a couple hours with rest stops. Bring drinks( water soda etc) if you want . Sorry for the short notice but we usually...
  14. That0neGuy

    Freebie from A club member

    I still got two projects before I can get to this one but I'm excited !! It's going to be a frame dragger. The wheels on it are flat but you get a idea of how low it is. Cheers guys !
  15. That0neGuy

    Hate being broke !

    And they still haven't sold yet and I'm still broke =/ .First ones I've seen for sale and it's a pair to top it off ...
  16. That0neGuy question

    Has anybody bought from these guys ? So far they are the cheapest I seen on the forks I want and a few other parts. I don't want to make a decent sized order and get a box of dinged up parts or wait half a year for my order to come or get ripped off ! Any info you have would be a big help ,i was...
  17. That0neGuy

    Nice weather, so that meant a ride with the club

    Finally had a Friday of nice weather so the Circle City Cruisers got together and did what we do best cruise ! If you live around Indianapolis area or close by you're more then welcome to come join us.We usually ride on Fridays around 6:30. Here's a link to our page if you want to check us out...
  18. That0neGuy

    Virgin Burrito

    This is my first frame build but not my first bike build.It'll be a slow build but I'll update it as I go.This is what I got so far ,just a mock up.I'll have the rest of the tubing this Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to start welding and grinding sometime next week.Then after that I'll just...
  19. That0neGuy


    Figured I'd stop lurking and start posting =X.I loved riding from day one and never stopped.Started with a love of bmx then got into lowriders then I seen my first muscle/ratrod/chopper bike and it started my addiction.Started rattin out bikes since ! I've posted a few in another thread(take a...