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  1. DoubleL

    1969 PEA-PICKER - one owner...

    ;) Pretty excited when I remover this from a dusty, dirty farm building. I had to pay a good bit for it but after cleaning was well worth the effort. Called a friend and of course he immediately called another friend and the bike had a new owner before I could get a chance to really...
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    Found this at the rear of my new best friends house. Offered $20.00 and he said ...should be worth 25....I agreed. completely froze up of course.....discovered it had a locking fork. ......beautiful full coat of nature's finest finish!
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  4. DoubleL

    The G.L. Miner Co. "Lenox" Rochester NY double-bar wood rims all orig.

    Barn Find. All complete. tires held air for a few minutes. Wooden wheels very straight. fenders intact, seat & bars original. It is a "LENOX" as per headbadge. G.L. Miner Co. Rochester NY .
  5. DoubleL

    Matty bennett's National Moto & Cycle Co. -

  6. DoubleL

    DOUBLE L'S "Flame-Thrower" FLAT-TRACKER

    It has been an exciting adventure this year. Started several projects and finally gravitated towards the "Flat-Tracker" themed bike. Wish we could enter up to three each year. All work was performed by myself with much encouragement from friends, forum members, and strangers on the street...
  7. DoubleL

    Swinger V Vintage "Rat-Rod" "all natural"

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  9. DoubleL

    DOUBLE L'S "Flame-Thrower" FLAT-TRACKER

    Started this build with a bare new old stock Worksman frame with 14 inch goose neck. Added an on-hand Worksman rear wheel and used tire to mock it up. Picked up an old Schwinn Chopper that was in the scrap yard and wil try to salvage the triple-tree front end. Looks like a 24 inch front...
  10. DoubleL

    Schwinn BRASS-BADGED "CADILLAC" mens

    Today I was looking at a brass-badged 26 inch mens "Cadillac" bicycle. All there...missing nothing. has the front duck-tail fender and full rear fender. chain guard looks like one on a phantom. Has a huge wald basket on the front handlebars. Old Schwinn black grips. What would be an...
  11. DoubleL

    Schwinn 50'S MENS 26in BADGED "CADILLAC"

    Today I was looking at appeared to be a Schwinn made "Cadillac" brass-badged, 26 in mens bike. All complete. front duck-tail fender and full rear fender with reflector. Also has a huge Wald basket attached to wide handlebars. Pretty rusty with some color reamining on bike and fenders. Any idea...
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    Had to have this GIRLS bike. It has a head badge that has a black flag on it with skull & crossbones in the center of it. Underneath it is the word PIRATE.. anyone know anything about the maker...It appears to be from the 40's or 50's.???? photo later if needed. I thought it was unusual in...
  13. DoubleL


    Wow! was I excited when my scrapper/picker neighbor called me over to tell me he found an old bike for me. It was nothing but a frame, rear hub, bars and neck and one grip...crank and sprocket all there. no seat...just 7 post. I said; "Hey James...where did you find this?" he will cost...
  14. DoubleL

    36 Speed King by Wm H bingham co. Cleveland

    This bike was pulled from a garage on Ohio/Pennsylvania state line area. The garage had been unoccupied for many years. I managed to get this bike after being posted on web. Great old bike. I think the Wm H. Bingham company became the Cleveland Welding co a few years later??? Notice the rag-tag...
  15. DoubleL

    1936 Speed King resurrection as cafe bike

    I recently received this bike as trade for several of my custom made duck and turkey calls. I was thrilled to get this dusty old Cleveland Welding Co. bike. I retained all the old parts and labeled them in the event I ever decide to take it back to full original. (doubt that ever happens)...
  16. DoubleL

    1936 Speed King Wm H Bingham Co Cleveland

    heck-o ratrod bike crazies...finally got the images to go...yea! Here is the completed Speed King with a new life as a cafe styled racer. Man is it not just kool to check out all the great bikes from yerteryear and what they can become with a little work and creative thinking., really love...
  17. DoubleL

    1936 SPEED KING Wm Bingham Co. Cleveland

    New to the Bike build-off but have followed it since it's inception. Have a pretty good collection of pre-war bikes to work on. I chose this 36 Speed-King and decided to further play on the "Speed King" name and customize it into a cafe' or boardtrack style racer. Going to enjoy it at local...