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  1. highwheelerboy25

    Schwinn Cycle Truck decals

    im in search or some Schwinn Cycle Truck decals. Let me k ow whatcha have!
  2. highwheelerboy25

    Rotten Rocket

    Monark Rocket circa 1956. After doing some mechanical restoring and preserving the original paint I had to find a chainguard since it didn't have the original. I found one the was a close match and went with it. New tires and tubes . I decided to go with blackwalls instead of whitewalls to make...
  3. highwheelerboy25

    Vista Torino 400

    i had a chance to trade a bike I had to Ceebee when I realized I didn't really see anything I hadn't already owned. Then I noticed this little gem on Craigslist and asked if he'd pick it up for me. A deal was struck and the gods smiled and all was right with the world. I got a Carlisle tire...
  4. highwheelerboy25

    1966 Columbia Commuter II

    Ive always wanted one of these so when I saw one on eBay I jumped on it. I put new tubes and tires on it and cables and housing. Rides as good as new!
  5. highwheelerboy25

    Softride Pro700

    I owned this once and sold it and the guy I that bought ended up. It wanting it so he sold it and o got it for free from the guy he sold it to. Working at a bicycle shop I had means to get the parts I needed to make it rideable. When it came to paint I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I...
  6. highwheelerboy25

    Anerica's Bicycle Company Swing King

    I bought this a few years after I sold it to my friend Justin. I decided I didn't like the generic look so I added a Felt triple tree fork and some 24" wheels with 24x3 tires. After riding in the rain a few times I decided to add fenders and remove the chainguard and replace it with a Wald...
  7. highwheelerboy25

    I.E. Cycles Lonely King

    Only picture I have of it. I had it a few years ago. I changed the factory wheels after the rear hub failed and cracked the shell. I removed the original stickers and rode it until someone wanted it more than me!
  8. highwheelerboy25

    Elgin Motorbike

    Scored this one from my good friend Ceebee. It looked rough around the edges but cleaned up nicely. Hubs were rebuilt and replaced into the rims. Front rim was too bad so I used a later j.c. Higgins rim I had lying around. Rebuilt the headset and bottom bracket and added a Persons majestic siren...
  9. highwheelerboy25

    Wheels Through Time Museum Score!

    A while back I went to the museum in Maggie Valley NC to check out some vintage motorcycles and there ended up being a few bicycles there also. As I was leaving I noticed this one leaned up near an out building so I talked to the curator/owner Dale Walksler and made an offer and he accepted. I...
  10. highwheelerboy25

    1936 Elgin

    I picked this beauty up from CeeBee after a trade went down. It looked rough. I had to cut the tires off of it to install new tubes and tires. I've also laced new spokes into the rims and had to replace the front rim because it wanted to flex too much with spoke tension on it. I disassembled...
  11. highwheelerboy25

    West Bicycles' Vintagetarian Bicycle Show

    We are planning on having a show on Saturday, March 19, 2016 and are trying to see how many potential attendees we will have. Gates will open and show bike and vendor setup will be at 8:00am and the show will be over at 3:00pm when everyone has had their fill! We will have raffles for shop...
  12. highwheelerboy25

    Der Krusty Kraut

    got this from a guy not far from the shop after a regular customer told me "That guy down the road has a banana seat bicycle in his yard.". Made in West Germany, it's an Almart Department Store bicycle. I plan to assemble, add necessities, and ride it. nothing too fancy or complicated. after...
  13. highwheelerboy25

    1962 Schwinn Spitfire 24"

    Got this from a friend. It was his aunt's since new. I'm just going to clean it up and leave it to be looked at.
  14. highwheelerboy25

    Almart German "Muscle" Bike

    A customer at the shop told me there was a banana seat bike in someone's yard a few blocks behind the shop so I went to check it out. I've not seen one like it but I'm assuming that Almart is like a German Walmart - nothing fancy. It didn't have a front wheel on it when I got it. It shows...
  15. highwheelerboy25

    (Dec 1968) 1969 Schwinn Orange Krate!! - One Owner/All original

    My dental hygienist told me this was her brothers bike he got for Christmas in 1968. I've replaced tubes and cables and housing and will replace tires whn they come in. I'm also waiting for the pinch bolt for the rear derailleur so I can shift it!! Cleaned it up in two days and its a good...
  16. highwheelerboy25

    Chrome Frames

    top to bottom: Rollfast Space Racer JC Higgins Sears Spaceliner
  17. highwheelerboy25

    194? Columbia Compax Paratrooper

    Got this from a local vintage tractor parts peddler. I'm going to do a faux finish and olive drab it up military style.
  18. highwheelerboy25

    Crusty German Super De Luxe Sport 70

    Can't find any information on this bike and I have only found one other one on the web. I put some tubes and tires on it. I will rebuild it mechanically and leave it looking as-is. You can almost see the Super De Luxe script on the chainguard.
  19. highwheelerboy25

    1960 Schwinn Continental Sports Touring W/Suicide shifter

    Got this from a friend. I sold it to him a few years ago and have reclaimed it. It has the hard to find 60-61 Simplex suicide shift front derailleur. Its been spray bombed dark gray. I plan on stripping to bare metal and polishing to look like titanium. Otherwise, everything else will be as...
  20. highwheelerboy25

    Huffy Team 7Eleven Retro-Direct

    Got this from a coworker for cheap and decided to convert it from a 10 speed to a two speed. It's around a 85-87 huffy and was complete when I got it. I wrapped the handlebars and installed a new seat, tubes, and tires. I used an idler wheel from a bicycle engine kit to route the chain. For...