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  1. Flying Zombie

    A few Classic Ladies

  2. Flying Zombie

    A few Classic Ladies

    1950 JC Higgins Airflow SOLD 1948 Hawthorne DeLuxe $300 obo 1953 Schwinn Hornet SOLD All skiptooth Prefer not to ship but may under the right circumstances. Willing to drive within reason or meet half way. I'm in Green Bay, WI
  3. Flying Zombie

    SOLD '39 Elgin Twin Bar

    Price dropped, 999$ Shipped OBO.
  4. Flying Zombie

    Columbia straight bar

    Yea, I say that's a Fire Arrow. Shame it's not the later model but it's a sturdy, worthwhile frame with sound fixins. FZ
  5. Flying Zombie

    SOLD '39 Elgin Twin Bar Normally I post a full fledged ad here specifically, but I'm on time crunches and minutes count right now. It's on the Cabe and explained piece by piece with FULL pictorial in vast detail. Any questions, interest.. comments.. feel...
  6. Flying Zombie

    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    So you just reply about my profile :rofl:
  7. Flying Zombie

    X-53 Rats?

  8. Flying Zombie

    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    Been a month since anyone slapped one down in here, huh? Alright, I guess I'll bite and toss the X into the ring where it applies. Saddle and wheels borrowed off my Higgins Airflow until I get another saddle and straighten out the hubs the wheels I have destined for this (also skiptooth)...
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    Well, It took some time and a little fobbing, but she's fully dressed. The fenders off the donor ladies bike worked out great, never needed the blue Ladies as a donor but it's still on the table for parts for folks who need a rear fender or headset. Shout-out to Mark Dalubaum for the correct...
  10. Flying Zombie

    Bring on your GREEN BIKES!!!

    Gave my Pop this 1954 Wasp for Father's day a little early last weekend, first year for the Shine Green paint. He had one just like it on his 10th Christmas, fresh from the box. Assembled by my grandfather. My uncle got Blue that same Christmas of '54. I put a Stock Schwinn Typhoon Brick on the...
  11. Flying Zombie

    Little hard to tell at first but..

    Its a 1958 Maroon, Gold and Chrome X53 Western Flyer Super. Another bike off the bucket list. This first photo was the Ad photo by the seller. It had sat outside for a few years after a hoarder gained other projects and put this and many others on a back burner. The story is as follows...
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  17. Flying Zombie

    Hawthorne rat rod - Swap meet take home

    Yea, the forks on that usually fetch 125-175 a set. You did well. I don't know if it'd be a late as a '57 but the serial is under the crank bracket.
  18. Flying Zombie

    Prewar Hawthorne Amazing Rat Project

    Sure is! Got someone ahead of me right now until mañana but after that
  19. Flying Zombie

    Prewar Hawthorne Amazing Rat Project

    I appreciate the heads up, I don't know if it's still pending but I threw my name in the ring. I'd love to own it. Great price. I messaged him.
  20. Flying Zombie

    SOLD NOS Wald Parade Bars $100

    Great price. Have a NOS Wald set myself from Chris. Love em. Definitely worth that in quality.