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  1. Jaxon

    MURRAY Pedal Car

    Engine Murray Fire Drag-On, Green-Thing, Atkins Gasser pedal cars See original listing
  2. Jaxon

    MURRAY Pedal Car

    This is the same body style as the Murray Fire Drag On. They are selling repop motors for them now on Ebay. If you want to take it to the next level.
  3. Jaxon

    Sears bike? Info needed.

    Sissy bar, fork, front wheel are all high dollar parts.
  4. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    He is still very busy with his boat work. I am not sure when he can fit me in but they will get done at some point.
  5. Jaxon

    '67 Sears Spyder Coaster

    Very Cool Score
  6. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    My welder is really busy right now. I am getting the rest ready. I dont have any plate sets by themselves. They are all complete with the fork tubes.
  7. Jaxon

    1920's Hawthorne Flyer ?

    I found this bike on Facebook July 4th. I believe it might be a 1920's Hawthorne Flyer from some posts here. There is red paint under the blue and silver paint. Forks turn good. Sprocket turns good as do the wheels. Front rim is rusted through. Back rim is complete but the wood inside is rotting...
  8. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    I got the fork tubes yesterday. They came out good as usual. I will be working on drilling them, rounding the ends and bending them to 60 degrees this week. Then off to polishing. I will post more pics as the work gets done.
  9. Jaxon

    1927 French fat bike

    I am digging those truss rods going to the handlebars.
  10. Jaxon

    Vintage Huffy Dragster II?

    A bike in this shape not being a highly wanted model the best thing is to service all the bearings and cables. Get it riding nice and leave it alone. That patina is great.
  11. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    New forks should be ready around end of July 2020
  12. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    Those forks on Crashes bike were custom built for a 24 inch bike. They are slightly different then regular top fueler forks. They were made to fit that frame height and wheel size. Jaxon and Crash working to bring a one off custom to the muscle bike world.
  13. Jaxon


    I just sold this same bike. Here is a pic the new owner sent me of it cleaned up. Those Go Bars are cool handlebars. Here is a ad for it too.
  14. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    I didnt make any more yet. I have been getting a few emails about them. I will see if the companies I work with are open this week and give a update on Monday.
  15. Jaxon

    BO15 PINK PANTHER - Close, but no cigar.

    Looking foward to seeing some Pink paint.
  16. Jaxon

    *FOUND* Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    The fork would be 50 extra
  17. Jaxon

    *FOUND* Buzz bike/Eliminator frame

    Yes I still have it. I have the fork also. I have a 24 inch rat trap fork if you want to make a 20 x 16 bike.
  18. Jaxon

    Schwinn Krate / fixer-upper

    This would be a great bike to service the bearings and cables and leave it as is.
  19. Jaxon

    24 Inch Rat Trap Fork

    Headtubes are 7 inches