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  1. karl

    Bike Art - Wall Hangers - Yard Art - What have you?

    Let,s not forget this one from Marcel Duchamp: “In 1913, I had the happy idea to fasten a bicycle wheel to a kitchen stool and watch it turn” he explained in his lecture Apropos of Readymades at MoMA on October 19, 1961. Looks suspicously like the worlds most expensive trueing stand to me..
  2. karl


    The seating position of some types of ¨recumbents¨ are very comparable to ¨stretched cruiser¨ frames, but are not recognized or seen as ¨serious bicycles¨. This is my Felt Leadsled frame in former condition, it was built explicitly for speed. It has 24 inch wheels, nexus 3speed and alu crankset...
  3. karl

    The Rattiest 26” BMX

    Nice, but how about your coworker,s bike?
  4. karl


    Applause to all the builders in this contest, only grownups cannot feel the love that goes into building a bicycle. It is going to be dificult to vote..
  5. karl


    The diversity of styles is superb, and it is hard to pick one over the other. Congratulations to all who took part, too bad not everyone could make it to the finish. There are epecially some bikes i would have like to have seen in a finished state.
  6. karl

    BO15 'Beatnik Bombita'

    I always use linseedoil as a cheap coating and rustprotectant. Easy to apply, soft on the hands, just needs a few coatings every other weeks, but cures well in the hot sun and leaves a nice shine.
  7. karl

    BO15 Beiwagenmaschine Type II (finished)

    I bet the dog likes the bike as much as i do, and can,t wait to ride the sidecar.
  8. karl

    BO15 Bride of FrankenBike --> (was: Joining the Fray, blah )

    Cool bike, what are the extra chainrings for? Are they attached to anything or do they roll in place when you ride it? And what is the second chain tho the other bottom bracket for? Excuse my curiosity.
  9. karl

    "Messed up kid"

    Great paintjob, what,s the gun for? Instead of a bell?
  10. karl


    Very stylish and scary, i always wondered what the idea or the advantage behind those bikes was.. Cool saddle!
  11. karl

    not so SiSSy Bar

    Something for a KKK bicycle?
  12. karl

    Raydarlux Space Cadet

    Beautifull, the end result seems so effortless, like it just came out of the bikestore.
  13. karl

    Scrapyard Mule

    Just thinking, with that almost flat rake what if you used a skateboard truck to attach the frontwheel.
  14. karl

    Scrapyard Mule

    I dig the alien design of this bike, how would it ride with the fork turned ¨upside down¨?
  15. karl

    Fixedy a photoshop bicycle design comic..

    I was thinking how fix a stretched frame from a diamond frame and decided to try it out in Gimp, a Linux image program. I know that 26 balloon tires have about the same diameter as a 28 inch wheel, so i matched the wheelsize with a stretched cruiser and made three cuts: one in the toptube...
  16. karl

    Sidetrack Space: Build Off Highlights and Chat.

    Compliments for all creators. I love the inventiveness, the difference in style, vision, and design and the love for bicycles of everybody on this forum. To bikaholics bicycles are objects of admiration, potential and desire and a means of self-expression. Spread bikaholicism! Make bikes, not war!
  17. karl

    BO15 Stretch chopper bobber thingamajig

    Awesome bike! Cant wait to see more, a bit jealous on your skills though..
  18. karl

    BO15 Beiwagenmaschine Type II (finished)

    I love the style of this bike, it looks as if the last survivor on earth had to reweld a bicycle out of an exploded bicycleparking.. Awesome
  19. karl

    Raleigh Carlton Sirocco Nexus3

    Well, i did this before with a vintage suntour downtube shifter and a nexus3, so i thought it would work with any type of shifter. The position is really simple: down is 1 up is 3 and somewhere in the middle is 2. I put the shifter down, then tension the shiftercable while attaching it to the...