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  1. 450redrider

    BO15 Reborn from the Ashes

    Began this project in Build off 11 and finished shortly after it was over. Loved the way it turned out but it was in my garage when we had a house fire. Decided that now is the time to bring it back and rebuild it. It is a 1943 Cycletruck that I had bought at the Pate swapmeet. Gonna go back...
  2. 450redrider

    Cody's Hot Rod Lincoln

    In this year with a Gasser/Drag themed Schwinn Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. 450redrider

    RRBBO13 Warbonnet

    Pictures to follow but going to get in this year with a Super Cruiser themed after the famous Santa Fe engine
  4. 450redrider

    Firewater Flyer

    Been going back and forth deciding wether to enter or not but here it goes. We recently had a house fire that destroyed the house and all my show bikes. But coming back strong with this dayton (one of the first bikes I built) as the first rebuild. Plans are to leave the finish but do a Matt...
  5. 450redrider


    Decided to join this year with a little bit simpler theme build. I recently picked up what seems to be a wartime Schwinn Cycletruck and bring from a Navy family it just makes since to go with a classic Navy theme. It'll be leaned more towards a restoration but should have some custom touches to...
  6. 450redrider

    THX 138

    After sitting out on the last one I've decided to get back on track with a American graffiti themed bike still haven't quite decided on which frame I want to use. but pics will coming soon
  7. 450redrider

    kkoa leadsled

    Picked up a couple prewar frames this weekend at the kkoa leadsled spectacular in salina, KS first is a 1937 hawthorne zep from marty at 1018kustoms Second is a elgin frame unsure on the year
  8. 450redrider

    Finds 5/18

    Picked up some cool projects yesterday at a local auctio First off another 24" stelber like the one I got in Tx but this one had s-2 and it was only $6 Second was a straightbar schwinn (its the one closest to the front) Then scored this hiawatha badged shelby with a shockease for $120 Also...
  9. 450redrider

    The Red Baron

    Decided to build a red baron themed bike starting with a mid-50's german built tank bike. Plans include red powdercoated frame, widening the rear for 24x3 thick bricks, and a few other goodies to tie the theme in. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using Tapatalk 2
  10. 450redrider

    Picked at Pate Auto Swapmeet

    I managed to find these nice gems mixed in all the high priced stuff at pate this year. 24" Fisher tank bike Jc higgins colorflow tank,fenders, and guard Shelby Flying Cloud frame with badge Micargi Puma Gts
  11. 450redrider

    Fisher tank bicycle

    I picked this up today at pate car swapmeet in texas. The badge says fisher anybody have any ideas what it is.
  12. 450redrider

    Simplerat is back

    I started this build back in 2009 for the Anything goes build-off, but never got it finished. Now after 4 years I decided to get it going again This is what I based it off of The Start Now
  13. 450redrider

    Lets see some street sweeper fenders

    I'll start with mine A 40's Shelby
  14. 450redrider

    3 wheeled downhiller

    Has anyone ever seen one of these? It almost looks factory made with some of the equipment on it. The paint job probably dates it in the 90's but not really sure
  15. 450redrider

    Barney Fife

    After not finishing 3 other build-offs :oops: I've finally completed one. It was a fun build to do going to love playing with the siren way to much :lol: . The build Thread here Before After
  16. 450redrider

    Got me a volksrod project

    Picked this up off the local craigslist yesterday its a 68 that's been chopped 8" sectioned 4" and has a 10" beam extender. Still needs a lot off work but after i get the 40 going I'll start on this.
  17. 450redrider

    Saved from the crusher

    While on our way home from family vacation in nebraska we found a old salvage yard that was crushing everything. Managed to save these from destruction even had to pull a couple out of the pile being loaded into cars 1946 schwinn dx with blackout hubs and the tapered kickstand Middle weight...
  18. 450redrider

    Barney Fife

    Been thinking about doing a black and white police themed bike for some time now and decided now is the right time. The frame is a prewar dp harris. More to come later and yes i will have my one bullet somewhere on it.
  19. 450redrider

    1935 Schwinn The World straightbar rebuild

    While waiting on parts for my other projects I decide to start rebuilding this I still need some little parts for it. When I got it All torn apart The Mirror Green powdercoat, reversed Stencils, And nice polished New Departure hubs ready to go
  20. 450redrider

    Riding Red

    So after trying to decided what frame I wanted to have powdercoated with the coupon I won at the Midwest Bike fest, I decided on this Montgomery Wards Silverfox. I'm going to go with the whole Honda Racing theme. Once I get it all tore apart I'll send some parts out to be coated the rest I'll do...