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  1. Psycle Harry

    Hey Chainsaw, I tried to login into the website tonight (it has been a very...

    Hey Chainsaw, I tried to login into the website tonight (it has been a very long time for me) and I was unable to login. Weird....has the site been disabled?? Is FreakBikeNation dead? I live in Minnesota and am too far away from any kind of event but, I do enjoy the...
  2. Psycle Harry


    I have used ChoppersUS. Great service, great quality and shipping is so QUICK! You can save money buying from various places but, if you are working off a list of "things" you need, you loose the gain in shipping costs. Therefore, I'll use ChoppersUS to gather as much as I need. My other...
  3. Psycle Harry

    Did someone say "upside down frame"?

    Nice looking bike! That yellow is a killer. That frame is a one of a kind and just looks right! On a personal note...thanks for the pic of the Bay Bridge....I used to live on Yerba Buena Island....I can see my old quarters in your pic! Thanks so much.
  4. Psycle Harry

    KK Roadster and a Schwinn Predator

    Enjoy it you will!! Those KK's are wonderful cruisers and you can really get used to being so slow and low. Here's what I did to my KK Roadster (see below).
  5. Psycle Harry


    Outstanding mod to the site. Great work Steve!! PS Love the t-shirt :D
  6. Psycle Harry

    Lots of registered members, but how many active members?

    I stop by a couple of times each day and read the new posts. Time permitting, I will go back through some of the builds and dream about what some of you guys have produced. Lots of inspiration! I may not post every day but hey, I sure do lurk. Regards to all!
  7. Psycle Harry

    kickstand installation advice

    That is such a cool looking tool! It is amazing what a man can do with a hunk of copper. I'm saving this one for the future.
  8. Psycle Harry

    Hello form CowTown

    Welcome to the forum. I also thought you meant Fort Worth (I used to live in Mansfield Rat Rod) -- forgot about that place up North. :) That's a nice looking black bike you have ... can't say I have seen that one before.
  9. Psycle Harry

    new roadster

    Oh WOW !! Another KK on the road! 8) You are gonna love such a sweet riding bike. I got mine a couple weeks ago from Bicycle Bananas. The box survived FedEx shipping with only a few dings in the box. One axle poked through the box (it didn't have a plastic axle cover on it) and buggered...
  10. Psycle Harry

    kickstand installation advice

    Will this help?
  11. Psycle Harry

    New guy, no laughing!

    Welcome to the forum. I am so glad to see someone take a Wally World special and fix it into a one of a kind bike. That's what it really is all about -- doing things on the cheap. However, the bug will hit you and then whoosh----time to drop some bucks on the toys, haha. Looking forward to...
  12. Psycle Harry

    1936 elgin MOVED TO THE GALLERY

    Re: 1936 elgin With new accent color added Wow! I didn't look for a day and what a change! The new color is really different and will set that bike apart from all others. That Elgin is looking better with every pick....nice choice on the copper.
  13. Psycle Harry

    Dyno Bike History? gotta go with the Kustom Kruiser now days. It's a Dyno with a name change but, still considered a Dyno by most of the Slown-Lo Pedal Scraper guys. When you get into the Micargi Mustang, 8Ball Limousine or Fayaa4You then, you are talking fakes. The guy -- or maybe one of the guys...
  14. Psycle Harry

    Good books about bikes to buy??????

    Here's what I use...... "Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual" by Clarence W. Coles and Harold T. Glenn (check for used book) "The Haynes Bicycle Book" by Bob Henderson (check "The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance and Repair for Road and Mountain Bikes" by...
  15. Psycle Harry

    my sold bikes

    Herrrrrrrre's Bettie !!
  16. Psycle Harry

    my sold bikes

    The first bike (the paprika/mango colored bike) is now hibernating in blizzard country. Once this snow storm stops, I'll have to take her out int eh snow for a picture, haha. BTW, she got a new name coming North....I call her Bettie. P.S. Buzzy -- you are leaving your mark all over the place...
  17. Psycle Harry

    1935 Iver Johnson sales kit.

    What history! Thanks for scanning and posting. Wonderful information.
  18. Psycle Harry

    Where to buy tools and sell tools under the name of Spin Doctor or Nashbar. They are decent quality tools for the garage mechanic. NOt as good as Park Tool but, decent.
  19. Psycle Harry

    My JC Higgins Project...

    Welcome! Nice looking the way the frame extends back to accommodate the seat. You've got skills, go out and create some more.
  20. Psycle Harry

    pickup truckbed bike rack

    Hey elvis....just take your time and make sure everything fits before gluing. Also, make sure you measure correctly so the rack with not shift left to right in the back of your pickup. I wrapped the top bar with pipe insulation to keep from scratching the front of the bed. Make sure you...