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  1. Canon

    Vinyl Schwinn

    This is the bike I started with. This is that same bike with a few nifty additions (In it's state of completion). These are some pictures of the same bike in it's finished state.
  2. Canon

    Can you HELP ID these bikes!!!

    I found these bikes in the garbage, can you help me ID them and get a rough idea of how much they are worth. There is no head badge on this bike, it is a skip tooth sprocket, and has a skinny seat post. This is a Wards Hawthorne with a skip tooth sprocket, and new departure hubs. [/URL
  3. Canon

    Vinyl Schwinn (VIDEO UPDATE)

    This year I plan to a 1955 Schwinn and make it a portable record player. I am going to build a tank for the bike that folds down into a record player. I plan to make the tank out of old license plates that I have collected. I was inspired to create this bike because of my love for listing to...
  4. Canon

    Huffing Indian "finished"

    Starting and finished pictures of the huffing Indian. The bike is based on 1900-1920 Indian motorcycles. It will not be painted but will sit outside and naturally rust and age. If anyone was wondering why it is not painted. I had a great time building this bike and hope everyone else...
  5. Canon

    Huffing Indian

    My inspiration: My frame: