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  1. MONARKofSoCal

    Previous years RRBO top 3 winners

    In the past few years I have put up the previous years top 3 RRBO winners list RRBBO #1 1st: Montgomery Wards: IRON GHOST (builder: raised by robots) 2nd: 60's Western Flyer (builder: Clothespin n)...
  2. MONARKofSoCal

    Mad Ratter 24" Monark Frame bent Schwinn forks monark 24" truss rods 24" Schwinn crank & sprocket prewar ladies long spring seat prewar hole chain guard (aftermarket?) Schwinn exerciser seat post Evans square rear...
  3. MONARKofSoCal

    BO15 mad ratter or hack rat

    I have been on a bit of a hiatus from anything creative for a year just trying to get all my stuff organized as well as other things I want to try to do a build that is inspired by many of the extreme rat styled hot rods since this is the year of the rat had the idea for a while and slowly been...
  4. MONARKofSoCal

    Previous Build Off Winners

    I know there are people who always liked having a single list the top 3 build off winners from each year So I decided to make an updated version There was a complete list last year when we attempted to do a hall of fame vote However that was deleted when an issue arose during the voting The 1st...
  5. MONARKofSoCal

    Go_Western _Flyer Huffy 24" frame and tank flipped 26" knee action springer Schwinn ape hanger bars western flyer banana seat 52" sprocket with bmx 3 piece cranks 20 x 2.3 Eastern "throttle" tires (really wanted to get Eastern...
  6. MONARKofSoCal

    unnamed Delivery Cycle

    Recently acquired one of theses frames Realized It would be a goo candidate to turn into a full size version of the Garton Delivery Cycle using a radio flyer wagon tub custom radio flyer version (found online)
  7. MONARKofSoCal


    24" Huffy built western flyer Gravity bike rules used for inspiration general rules all classes 1. Max Weight: 34 Kg / 75 lb.s Max weight is for bike ONLY. 2. Max Wheelbase: 127 cm /...
  8. MONARKofSoCal

    INcomplete x53 dual spring fork

    I am looking for JUST the fork piece and possibly the front fender to this style of springer usually found on x53 western flyers and mercury / murray fleetlines
  9. MONARKofSoCal

    Unfinished business

    I finally have time and final pieces to finish off some of these old builds that have been set aside Figured it would be best to combine into a single post Schwiinciser = mid 50's 24" schwinn and schwinn exerciser parts couldn't find old build thread but these are the pics of where i left off...
  10. MONARKofSoCal

    J. C. Special

    My take on a 1960's indy car inspired bicycle Murray Monterrey style frame sears/Murray Flightliner tank Murray 24" rattrap springer fork Higgins/Murray ladies skirt/fender guards attached to modified front...
  11. MONARKofSoCal

    1936 Schwinn or ?shelby?

    did a hour and a half drive to buy this frame that I might use for a project Badge says western flyer sprocket looks Schwinn but crank isn't a dogleg I am going to do some more research but let me know what you guys think it is and how much is OG If it turns out to be a schwinn then I...
  12. MONARKofSoCal

    RRBBO13 J.C. Special / Sharkruiser

    So like usual I will be showing my main and back up build in one thread First up the main Build J.C. Special Basic Murray Monterrey style frame (although it has a Firestone head badge sticker) that I squired from member CeeBee a few years ago My plan is to build the baddest bike possible out...
  13. MONARKofSoCal

    Krossroads (cycle cross rollfast/hawthorne)

    I recently had an Idea to do a bike in the style of a cross between a BMX and a cyclecross bike or maybe it is more like a strandie crossed between a fixie whichever it is the important part is I found one of the particular frames (in this case a snyder built frame with the double top tubes)...
  14. MONARKofSoCal

    Iver Johnson (Atypical) rat bike build

    I decided to do a build incorporating some very unusual parts First off is a prewar Iver johnson frame I acquired in a trade Most of these bikes seem to have a schwinn like following for guys who restore bikes but I have not seen many if really any done up as a full on rat they posses a lot of...
  15. MONARKofSoCal


    I originally wanted to enter this build with a ladies Columbia tank bike that I had plans for flipping to turn into a mens bike But I have not been able to locate a much needed piece Thankfully I ran across this project I had set aside A very "patina" cycle truck (worksman I believe) that I...
  16. MONARKofSoCal

    Rapid Transit System
  17. MONARKofSoCal

    Hang On

    It is not a rat bike but it will be customized plus it is a neat style of bike I am not sure how many people are familiar with outside of California The bike I bought New in Box for a really good deal (I think this is only the 2nd new bike I have ever purchased) It is called the Hang Ten Alton...
  18. MONARKofSoCal

    Rapid Transit System / (was) Fast Bracket - Class 2

    I want to make a nice rider that is customized but not so overly done So I am starting with this aluminum Magna oasis frame Dirt cheep and looks like a schwinn fast back
  19. MONARKofSoCal

    early kona cruiser bmx?

    nabbed this of craigslist I tried to find info on it but there doesnt appear to be pics of kona bikes before 1995 It cannot be older than 1988 since that is when kona name first appeared It does look like a cheaper version of a Schwinn king sting 5 speed
  20. MONARKofSoCal

    columbia ladies flipped

    just picked this up for 80$ I am going to flip the frame to give it a mens tanker look But I will be attempting this using a method that shouldn't require any welding or cutting of the frame and leave this bike as OG as possible