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  1. John DelGato


    I figure I'll start a build thread: Mid-40's Huffman frame Shockmaster fork 60's crank and chainwheel (for now... Huffy or similar) Saddle I found on a space liner frame These modern aluminum wheels may have to go. Front axle is too big for the dropouts. There are a few older wheel sets...
  2. John DelGato

    ... clean grease and grime off of hands.

    I have used olive oil and sugar for this. A small amount of each in the palm, turn on the tap (warm), lightly work the mixture together while rubbing away the grime. rinse off in the water.
  3. John DelGato

    Shorten a steer tube

    I have a number of front forks lying around here. These are aperfect fit for my 60's frames, but when I sized one of these up for my 40's Huffman it was too long. I am no fabricator. Is there a way to remove the steer tube from the fork, saw off to the desired length, and reattatch?
  4. John DelGato

    Broken Shockmaster spring question

    I plan to work with advice from another post about replacing both of my own springs. Any advice on removing the threaded pieces (bushings?) from these old springs? Any help is...
  5. John DelGato

    Skiptooth chain masterlink removal

    I know there are a couple different tools made for popping the plate out of the masterlink. The new style chains I've worked with simply have a clip that slides over the plate, so I've never invested in a specific tool for this. Is it OK to use needle-nose plyers? This is my first skiptooth...
  6. John DelGato

    I got this for chump change,... what is it?

    I've compared this to a number of frames but am still scratching my head. Skiptooth chain and sprocket, shockmaster fork with a broken spring. SN: "H" followed by 6 digits.
  7. John DelGato

    Hello from Ohio!

    Greetings! I am happy to be part of this community. I built my first ratrod bike as a teen. Decades later, here i am at it again. Most of the bikes and parts i have are from the 60's and currently have a couple of Schwinn's assembled which I spend a lot of time riding around the neighborhood.