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  1. oleskool

    ..... nanananana OLESKOOLS BACK!

    thankyou, happy new year to everyone! first time i have been online for a while :) have i missed the dead line? as if not i will make sure i get some pictures tomorrow :) cheers, and sorry for lack of pictures so far. Jake~~~
  2. oleskool

    ..... nanananana OLESKOOLS BACK!

    pictures soon! :-)
  3. oleskool


    kool stuff! B)
  4. oleskool


    :) me , always!
  5. oleskool

    "GULF SWING" Fat tire Swingbike build! As done as it is gunna be!

    looks ace Luke! hope to get some work in tomorrow on mine :) really digging this build :)
  6. oleskool

    MUSCLE BIKE BUILD-OFF #02! Done and dusted!

    Re: MUSCLE BIKE BUILD-OFF #02! {DEADLINE VOTE} im all for a bit extra, maybe new yeARS so people can finish them ! you never know.. i may even get chance to build another :D
  7. oleskool

    new find what is it

    :wink: kool bike b.t.w! not sure what it is..
  8. oleskool

    Happy Halloween from Hereford, UK!

    also a fair few u.k people on my pages too ;) : ... 4/?fref=ts and for cruises... :D cheers, ole.
  9. oleskool

    Happy Halloween from Hereford, UK!

    no problem... the u.k is a growing custom community. and customcycles is in the middle of it :)
  10. oleskool

    Happy Halloween from Hereford, UK!

    welcome! and happy halloween to you as well! here's another friendly forum, although its not as big as here. a lot of us are also from the u.k over there :) :
  11. oleskool

    ..... nanananana OLESKOOLS BACK!

    updated picture! i think i should explain why my build is so simple and not a one off custom. it is simply because i dont have any time or money right now.. and for the past several weeks i have been having controlled assessments throughout all my subjects and have more coming up once i go...
  12. oleskool


    hehe, well.. its nearly halloween :) my new riding buddy!! :) !! Sorry, I am unable to rotate the pictures :(
  13. oleskool

    ..... nanananana OLESKOOLS BACK!

    check again Luke ;)
  14. oleskool

    phaaa call that custom? THIS IS KUSTOM!!!!

    just gonna BUMP this... better pictures soon ;)
  15. oleskool

    ..... nanananana OLESKOOLS BACK!

    hello fellow RAT-RODDERS , well.... if im honest. i was really struggling to think of something to do this build off.. so i pondered for ages about what frame style to make.. but after no luck i went out to the shed and wondered which of them i could enter... .. well this little 50s kids bike...
  16. oleskool

    SUV aka WinterFixie

    just got to say.. that is probably THE nicest bike i have ever seen! incredible job an cant wait to see more of your updates! :shock: :D
  17. oleskool

    Saxon Sprint

    another member from Wales i see?? where abouts are you mate? im from up Aberystwyth way.. good to know there are some other riders in my vicinity :D -- Jake
  18. oleskool

    lets see them british 3 speeds

    just 2 of mine... a raleigh sports, january 1952 and an early 50s BSA.
  19. oleskool


    Re: 26 inch DYNO FrankenBMX. DROPOUTS DONE! NEARLY FINISHED! looks ace!!!! but whats that in the sky in pic 3? /ole\
  20. oleskool

    UK Lowrider

    good to see an other fellow british lowrider! looking good!! here's my pimp 8) Jake