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  1. JRobert


    Agreed! First time builder here and had no real care of the competition part or comparing my build to others. Truly joined to have fun and do something new and had a blast. The positivity in the threads were refreshing in the wake of Covid and all the political bs on both sides. This was a great...
  2. JRobert

    Seeking basically all components for a klunky bikepacking build

    Troll or Bridge Club fork will work. Both are 420 length and 43 offset. Bridge Club doesn’t have the brake bosses, so will look cleaner since you’re going disc. If you’re building wheels, I have an XTR rear hub I’d sell you cheap. Was going to put it on eBay. Also have some V-Brakes (nothing...
  3. JRobert

    The Lean Mean Green Machine

    Man... this one is so great! Love all the details and admire your ability to create that patina. Lots of great details in the tank, pipes, wire for the lights, decal work and that head badge! Well done man!
  4. JRobert

    Full Monty Rides Again

    So cool. Love it!
  5. JRobert

    The Bluebird of Happiness

    Love the blue on blue on blue! the copper Fender mascots are a great touch. Going to be even better after a little patina on the saddle and grips. Definitely have my vote!
  6. JRobert

    No Mask Needed

    Nice build!
  7. JRobert

    ATOMIC Strand!

    Really like this build. Super clean and looks like it rides really well. Perfect townie that can go a bit off the beaten path. Well done!
  8. JRobert


    Very cool! Need to go check out your build thread to get a closer look at this bar/stem/fork. Great work!!
  9. JRobert


    When I first saw this, I wasnt at all feeling the old 80's MTB stem and little BMX bar combo, but it somehow works sooo perfectly. This bike is TOP notch! In my top 3 so far and definitely got my vote. Well done!
  10. JRobert

    Emsbroek & Poesse Pathracer

    WOW!!! Amazing ride. My favorite so far. 100% vote from me. Congrats on this stellar build!
  11. JRobert

    1st Place! THANKS! - SteamRoller - Elgin Twin Bar Churnin Urn of Burnin Funk - CompareTwinWins VerBoten SteamRoller

    HOLY *&*^%&* THIS IS HOT! You get my vote for sure. Now I need to go back through your build and read all the details. Inspiration and a top notch quality to model future work for me.
  12. JRobert


    thanks @horsefarmer and @Rat Rod ! You guys rock
  13. JRobert


    Thanks for your time setting this up and congrats to all that completed bikes! Proud to be part of the Rat Rod Build Crew!
  14. JRobert

    Retro Ratpacker A.K.A. “The Pickle” is complete!

    Hit me anytime. Happy to help. My email is
  15. JRobert

    Retro Ratpacker A.K.A. “The Pickle” is complete!

    Thanks Kingfish! Encouragement and feedback from you and many others kept me going even when the painting got frustrating. Great people here
  16. JRobert


    So glad I found this site. Great group of people! Building my first rat rod helped during a stressful and weird time. Proud of what I accomplished and already searching for my next build (which will be more authentic rat rod).
  17. JRobert

    Retro Ratpacker A.K.A. “The Pickle” is complete!

    Thanks man! Excited how it turned out and agreed, this 20+ year old easily has another 20+ ahead of it. Would love to think this one could get ratted a few more times.