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  1. Rasputi73

    Home made bottom bracket?

    I know that I have seen it before but can not find it, but what size tube and what length do you cut to make a bottom bracket?
  2. Rasputi73

    Fatty O

    I'm looking to get a set of the Fatty O tires, but I'm having a hard time to try to find a place to buy them. I know it is a simple question but any help would be great. Thank you
  3. Rasputi73


    i have a bike that is just sitting in the corner that i keep say'n im going to do for the wife. Maybe this will get me going. I have to figure out how to post pics now! and soon
  4. Rasputi73

    Next RRBBO thread?

    I saw the rules and dates for the next build off somewhere and now I can not find it any where. Somebody help! I think I'm going to enter the stock frame class and wanted the make sure of the rules. Thanks
  5. Rasputi73

    Wheel trouble

    What is the best way to true(bend back) a bent steel rim? I was told to use a hammer and just make sure I don't go crazy on the lip. I thought about a different rim but I like the look of these and the front is perfect. The back is not bad but I am have'n a hard time getting it true the...
  6. Rasputi73

    2.35 tires fitting?

    Does anyone know if a 2.35 will fit on a Schwinn 63' jaguar?
  7. Rasputi73

    Watched for a long time

    I've been looking at the site for a long time now. I have a good amount of two wheel fun in the garage- mountain, road, dirt jumper, and a few older Schwinns. I have one of the OCC stingrays that I'm going to chop and extend so a 6 footer can ride. Now after looking at the site I'm going to...