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  1. higgins

    Hot rod put put

    Complete NOS in the box 80
  2. higgins

    NOS Exhaust

    I have two NOS hot rod Exhaust in the box first one is 70 second one has some patina on the pipe for 60 + 10 for shipping
  3. higgins

    Train light

    repop monark train light 60
  4. higgins


    came across this today.
  5. higgins

    Junk Shelby

    had to make the tank bars and back fender braces
  6. higgins

    Ingo bike 30s

    ingo bike 600 plus shipping or local pick up 714 420 2277
  7. higgins

    rusty rat

    nothing is usable but the frame if that. it was broken at the head tube and when i went to pull it back into place the down tube broke off in my hand but i did manage to finish riping it apart and welding it back together. i had to cut the stem and fork off throw the rims,bars,rack and cranks...
  8. higgins

    recent builds

    satin black phantom red wing 24 jc higgins 47 monark hawthorn hawthorn
  9. higgins

    titanic eBay find

    crusty elgin twin bar from ebay. next rat rod project the titanic project :roll:
  10. higgins

    schwinn and x53

    I got the shcwinn panther from a frind for some metal werk on his vw bus and the western flyer x53 from a swapmeet. I no its a long shoght but i need half a tank and a chain gard??? :lol:
  11. higgins

    My fresh swap finds

    Fresh Long Beach bike swap finds. I got a powder coated monark with all fresh chrome. Its missing the tank and train light if any one has extras let me know :D I would like to paint the fenders and tank red or white and stripe it up! I also got a JC Higgins with a western flyer tank,elgin...