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  1. Tuco

    JC Higgins dating?

    I'm trying to figure out what year this bike is? Any idea? Thanks!!!
  2. Tuco

    Colson serial number help!

    I have this Colson bicycle. I found some numbers stamped under the BB, but I haven't had any luck finding out what they mean. Can anyone help? Thanks!!!! It reads "156 10" then in smaller letters "FBC" or possibly "EBC). Underneath that it reads "E" "0"
  3. Tuco


    Here's a peek at my newest build in progress. "Like" Tuco Rat Bikes on Facebook:
  4. Tuco

    Exercise bike build!

    I don't know if it's ever been done before...but, AFTER parting out and scrapping a pretty funky exercise bike, I thought it would have been pretty cool to build a custom exercise bike! It's too late for mine now (frame went to scrap yard), but would anybody be interested in doing such a build...
  5. Tuco

    "Coolest Bike Ever!"

    Me and my son Abram set out to build him the "coolest bike ever". It is a 24" 1970 Murray Space Flite. We wanted to give it that old school chopper look with a small fat tire on the back and a tall skinny tire on the front. We added the rear wheel from a Jesse James West Coast Chopper 20" x 3"...
  6. Tuco

    Not your typical Lil' Chik

    I Just started mocking up a Schwinn Lil' Chik. I'll post A before picture when I get back to my Computer.
  7. Tuco

    A sneak peak at the "ride" I'm working on!!!

  8. Tuco

    HELP! patina

    I added a springer front end to my bike, but the finish does not match the rest of the bike at all. I don't want to paint it, but I would consider patina-ing-izing-ification. I'd like to make it match my chainguard. The chainguard is basically green too, but much more faded and rusted. Any...
  9. Tuco

    Country Road

    Here's a "before" picture of this bike. I have no idea what kind of bike it is. If I Google "country road bicycle" all I get is pictures of bikes on gravel roads. It had a Hawthorne Skip Tooth on it. I robbed the Skip tooth from it to put on a 59 Schwinn I'm buliding. But, I came across a...
  10. Tuco

    59 Schwinn build

    I'm starting to work on a 59 Schwinn. I'm showing the progress of the build by keeping a blog. Please visit my page and follow the progress! Thanks!!!!/notes/tuco- ... 8923187043
  11. Tuco

    New guy, Omaha Nebraska. Hello!

    Hello all! I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Tuco. I own and operate a store in Omaha Nebraska called Benson Bazaar. I sell antiques and collectables...including vintage bikes. I'm the regional leader for the Brutal Badlands Region of the NYDM, an extreme heavy metal...