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    Show us your couples bike pairs.

    My Rixes
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    My junk

    My latest build - I built the ‘66 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle for my youngest daughter. I painted it House of Kolor Voodoo Violent for her. The last pic is the bike how I started with it.
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    Huffy muscle bikes

    No, not yet. I did build these 2 26” muscle from Huffy built frames though.
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    Huffy muscle bikes

    Huffy built Hiawatha Warrior GTO
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    Let's start another one

    I keep hearing tell of a muscle bike build off! I’m down for another as well!
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    BO15 CLASS 1 FINAL RANKINGS - Voting Results

    Congrats Kingfish and everybody else on a great build off! I’m overjoyed that my junk placed in the top 20!
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    1966 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle bike build

    I’m calling this one done! I got the brake finished up and I have one happy little lady! (Of course she was riding it before I got the front brake cable! )
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    Ted Williams muscle bike build

    I painted the guard, put on the new transition decals, and put the Free Spirit decal on the guard, but unfortunately I stuck the decal on the guard off the bike. I matched the bottom of the letters to the bottom edge of the guard thinking that would be level on the bike - but I was wrong! I’m...
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    60s ? mens murray cruiser

    The Western Flyer Strato Flyer had that rear as well.
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    The StRATo Flyer is done!

    Thanks King! Your builds always amaze me, and I don’t feel mine is on that kind of level, I’m pretty proud of it!
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    I’ve competed before, but this is the first year I finished a build-off bike. The truth is COVID made me stay at home much more and this has been my most active year at building bikes ever. My kids getting involved is great and this time for us has been fun, despite it being a huge change from...
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    Sears bike? Info needed.

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    The StRATo Flyer is done!

    This was a fun build! When are we doing the next build off!
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    1966 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle bike build

    I got the guard finished today. I’m a brake cable away from being done with this one.
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    Very cool!
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    AMF Roadmaster Avenger

    I’m in the parts collection phase of building a 26” AMF muscle bike myself. I’d love to find one of those guards and stretch to fit the bigger frame.
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    JC Penney Foremost Swinger

    This is the only bike I have that I did not build myself, although I did add the redlines to it. I bought it like this, and it’s kind of a cross between a muscle bike and a low rider. I guess the Swinger name matches! My initial plan was to change out all the low rider stuff to period correct...