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    old bike with 'new' tank

    I bought this bike in early summer but I never really liked it. It came with a matching year and color womens tank bike but this mens bike didn't have a tank. I was trying to sell them locally as a pair but as it turned out a guy came along and only wanted the womens bike so that still left me...
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    My Monark/Firestone

    I was really hoping to find a Super Cruiser or Super Deluxe but I found this one sitting in the basement of another bike guy in my area and worked out a deal with him so now it's sitting in my basement. I took it for a [very cold] ride today and I like it!
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    I bought some rust with a little bit of bike

    I went to an auction today. I was told they were going to have a bunch of vintage bikes. I found 6 piles of rust with a little bit of bike thrown in. Since I was there I told myself I had to come home with something. Believe it or not this old Hawthorne was the best bike there and now it's all...
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    Am I correct that this womens Liberty was made by Schwinn? I'm still new to this bike stuff. Nothing real special about this other than the story from the woman that remembers getting it for her 11th birthday back in 1951. It also has a cool, working locking front fork, skip tooth and axle...
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    I found this on Craigslist. Drove across town and met a real nice guy named Mike that had it for sale. We talked bikes for a while, struck a deal on the Columbia and I loaded it up. Seems like a real nice heavy duty bike that will make a nice rider. Still not a tank bike but I couldn't pass it up.
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    Couple Schwinn mid weights

    A friend of mine found these for me and I picked them up tonight. The red one is a '58 Spitfire, 24" wheels. The black one is an American from '62. They both look like they'll clean up real well. I just promised my wife 'no more bikes unless they're 26" balloon tire tankers' and now these two...
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    Old Hawthorne

    Any help on the year of this Hawthorne? Serial number is C04645 and I'm pretty sure there's a Cw stamp at the end.
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    Remember customer service??

    If you're younger than 30 you may have never heard of customer service. Well, most stores have a counter that says 'customer service' but they don't really know what customer service is. It's suppose to be a place where someone will help a customer with a problem. I was just at Wal-Mart. I know...
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    '51 Schwinn

    I brought my wife to a garage sale today because I saw they had an old set of 3 metal pink flamingos that I knew she would really like in her garden. I didn't tell her why we were going, I wanted to surprise her. When we got there the guy also had a row of old bicycles. In the row was this '51...
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    The best part about this hobby...

    I'm only a few months into this old bike hobby and I'm lovin' every moment! I like the day to day search for that next new project. I like the time in the garage cleaning, greasing, tweaking and then standing back and taking in the style and the simplicity of the bike[s]. But by far the best...
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    Year of Hawthorne

    I still know nothing about this old bike obsession except that I like it. The riding is good for me and the bikes are cool. I probably overpayed for a lot of my bikes in the short time I've been involved but I also believe that if you really want it and enjoy it it's worth it. I'm not in it for...
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    Cleveland Welding?

    I bought this one today at a local swap meet. The seller really didn't know anything about it. He thinks it's a Cleveland Welding but wasn't positive. No badge but the serial number is E52301. I like the nice even coating of rust! The rear hub was loose as could be but that was a simple fix. I...
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    One Owner!

    I had to buy this tonight. I found it on Craigslist about 60 miles from my house. It's nothing really special, a 1960 JC Higgins, 24" boys bike. The part I loved was the story from the owner. He told me and my daughter all about how excited he was Christmas morning back in 1960 when he was 10...
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    Old bike?

    Posted this in Fresh Finds but I thought I'd put it here as well.Picture of the drop outs. It has a serial number of 8H149779 And this Schwinn frame, serial number J020857 Thanks for any help :D
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    New daily ride ...Update!

    I found one of those reproduction Schwinns on Craigslist. I know it's not a neat 'OLD' bike but it is a neat bike. As soon as I took it for a test ride I knew it had to come home with me. I haggled a bit with the owner and ended up getting it for $225. I'm new to this bike stuff so I don't know...
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    I'm new at this bicycle stuff but now that I started I'm lovin' it. An old Elgin followed me home from a car show today. From my limited bicycle knowlege and my even more limited computer skills I'm hoping someone here can shed a little more light on what I have. It does have an Elgin badge on...
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    New guy in WI

    The doctor tells me I need to exercise. He told me to start riding a bike. I've been building choppers and bobbers out of Honda CB750's for years and riding the heck out of them but he told me I need to start putting some miles on a bike without a motor. I have no problem with that but I need...