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    my third Columbia middle weight

    I love the tank on that bike!
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    I know there's a pony in here somewhere...

    In my oppinion it's not worth all the work and head aches. if you're interested I have a nice mid 70's womens Free Spirit 3 speed I'd trade you even up. The Free Spirit is ready to ride, not a pile of parts like you're stuck with. Let me know when you want to make the trade :lol:
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    Prewar Snyder Hawthorne f/f tank

    Instead of wasting time cleaning it up and then trying to hide it from your wife I'll take it off your hands!
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    All in one grip and brake lever

    If only I didn't give away the first 25%.......
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    All in one grip and brake lever

    I wasn't one of the top Powerball winners but I did quite well!! Since I live in Wisconsin and I'm married my wife gets 50% of anything I win. I thought about getting a lawyer and trying to fight to keep it all mine but I still like her so I told her about our windfall and we decided we'll be...
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    $5.00 Garagle Sale Find

    I'll give you twice what you paid for it :D How often can you double your money on a bike? Nice find!
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    its not a bike, but its a find allright

    Cool find but I think everyone really wants to know if there were any bikes in the barn :lol:
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    old bike with 'new' tank

    I bought this bike in early summer but I never really liked it. It came with a matching year and color womens tank bike but this mens bike didn't have a tank. I was trying to sell them locally as a pair but as it turned out a guy came along and only wanted the womens bike so that still left me...
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    You've got to see this

    That puts the value of a good fork at $200 to $400!! I'm going to start parting out my bikes.
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    You've got to see this

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time e-mailing him. I saw that bike when I was checking out Allofcraigslist the other night and thought about seeing if he would ship and naturally I would have offered him less because of the bent fork. But what do we know... he buys hundreds of bikes and owns some...
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    Colsen Commander

    If your planning on getting rid of it and you figure out what it's worth let me know. I love the way that bike looks.
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    1930's Colson ladies bike rusty

    The close up pics do look pretty bad but I've brought home a few that were just like that. It might be worth spending a few bucks on a can of PB Blaster and some brass brushes and fine steel wool. I park them over a piece of plastic and soak the entire bike down with the PB Blaster. Let it soak...
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    1930's Colson ladies bike rusty

    That's the same color as most of my bikes! I'd put some tubes and tires on her, give her a good regreasing and leave the 'patina' just as it is. Then ride the wheels off her!
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    My Monark/Firestone

    I was really hoping to find a Super Cruiser or Super Deluxe but I found this one sitting in the basement of another bike guy in my area and worked out a deal with him so now it's sitting in my basement. I took it for a [very cold] ride today and I like it!
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    Cleanest Schwinn Cruiser I have ever seen.

    I like the warning about putting chopper forks on the bike. But if you look at the picture of the kid it sure looks like he's having fun.
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    50's snyder built hawthorne

    We need pictures of the Monark now. {I want a Super Cruiser]
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    Thanks Dad!

    I think your Dad wanted you to get it out of his basement and bring it to my house. Your garage is way too cluttered... you just don't have the room Rich. Your Dad always liked me better anyway. If I'm not home when you bring it over just leave it in my garage and lock the door behind you please.
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    I bought some rust with a little bit of bike

    Now it's rollin' and on genuine Wards Riverside Mate tires front and rear. I probably looked a little silly pushing the bike down the street since I don't have a chain on it yet but I just had to ride it down the street and back. Who knows how many years it's been since this bike did that.
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    I bought some rust with a little bit of bike

    I got to spend a couple hours with it this morning. It's not quite like it was 75 or so years ago but it's going to be on the road again one of these days.
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    Amazing trials bike type riding, on a...

    :shock: WOW :shock: