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    ballon tires?????

    Do i put ballon tires on a bike that wasnt desined for ballon tires.....its a 64 schwinn typhoon.......what rims to get? Tires?.....i am getting new rims for this anyways and not using the existing schwinn rims. any ideas would help. Thanks
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    Craigslist finds

    Found both of these 2 days apart 25 dollars on the red 64 typhoon....and 15 dollars for the 71 breeze.
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    Heavy Duty Springer forks

    I am a bigger guy around 275# i am looking into puting springer forks on my bike and i am wondering if there is a fork made out there that can support that. Thanks Duane
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    Serial number

    Could someone help me locat the serial number for this bike? i have searched all over and cannot find it. and maybe you could suggest which model this may be. thanks!
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    SW Ohio

    Hello my name is Duane. Just came across a old 60s style Schwinn Cruiser and found this site looking into parts for the bike. hope to get some good ideas from here.