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  1. Baron von Zach


    ??? !!! :thumbsup:
  2. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I find them very encouraging. Now, regarding this build, the frame turned out so nice, that I'm a little scared I'll damage it when I start to reassemble the bike. I know, it's all about Ratrods, but this is finger licking nice, you guys should see it in...
  3. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    That would be correct, sir. Sadly there hasn't been a lot of bike activity lately, but you are right, I shall update it with the latest developments.
  4. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    News from the powder studio:
  5. Baron von Zach

    Pimp my Pashley

    Yeah, I admit it, I have a Guv'nor. Because I'm old and fat and ugly. I just couldn't see those cheesy beige tyres anymore. Also replaced those naff MTB brake levers: Next thing to be addressed is that crankset.
  6. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    Today, Postman Pat rang twice - at a single digit hour, thus interrupting my beauty sleep. How uncivilised. Anyway, a box was received from that Germany. Alas, a thick invoice was attached to it: Inside was a new tyre: A new Thompson bottom bracket: A new chainset in the style you'd...
  7. Baron von Zach

    Not the best bike to find but the seat is an awesome aged brooks .

    Not the best bike to find indeed, but not exactly the shabbiest one either. Those are disappearing at an alarming rate in their homeland.
  8. Baron von Zach

    Puch Mini Sprint bestowed shelter at the von Zach Towers

    Look what I found: Sadly it has a quite unusual (at least for me) tyre size - 20 x 1 3/8 or 37-451. However, since the frame has the right shape, I'm planning to do this up in the old Stingray spirit.
  9. Baron von Zach

    Tire Fittment Question

    Does the rider have to be skinny too? I'm out...
  10. Baron von Zach

    Dyno Bike History?

    Did someone say Dyno?
  11. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    That Sturmey Archer thing on a German bike didn't let me sleep, so I asked a German expert (who is coincidentally the man who gave me this bike). He suggests, that my bike is an early one, probably from the very late Sixties, when the Fichtel & Sachs console shifter was not yet available and the...
  12. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    Yeah, and the only ones who got really close, are the Austrians. This is a Puch Mini Sprint Highriser:
  13. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    Assembly will only ever be successful with beer. Anyway, I dropped the stuff off at the powdercoaterer's and thus won't see it until next week. Time to order some parts.
  14. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    The bike has been intruduced already in the Fresh Finds corner: Luckily I have some disposable dosh lyring around atm, which always makes me nervous. So before it evaporates without a trace, I am using it to restore...
  15. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    Yeah, it also has VDO speedo and trip meters. People have been killed for less!
  16. Baron von Zach

    Iverson Yellowbird...a Holy Grail!

    An alloy wheel with a three speed hub? I will never sleep again...
  17. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    Yeah, those shifters were quintessential on Bonanza bikes. This one from F&S even has an indicator and wood grain inserts: Those go for healthy money on their own nowadays. This is the mail order catalogue page of the original Bonanza, which's name is now generic for the entire genre:
  18. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    There has been a trip to Germany. Them Germans are a friendly bunch (no, really!) and one of them gave me this: This was Germany's answer to the American Krate bikes. It was a short lived fad in the early Seventies, that soon got trampled in the BMX stampede. Although these (and many...
  19. Baron von Zach

    1HP ELGIN ''UndeadCustom'' FINISHED!!!

    Hey, this is Ratrodbikes, so Redneck bodge elevates you into some sort of aristocracy here.
  20. Baron von Zach

    Operation Gravedigger - Klunker Build

    Right, I had my fun DHing with coaster brake only (highly recommended if you want to die!) and thus made a few changes.