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  1. Hugo

    Trek Bishop, a boardtracker-ish concept bike

    I still have RRB in my heart! (direct link ... bishop.jpg, from Hugo
  2. Hugo

    Muppets on bikes :-)

  3. Hugo

    Cool motorized boardtracker

    Source: Hugo
  4. Hugo

    Swedish Air Force bike - finished

    Hi guys, it's good to be back. I've missed Rat Rod Bikes a lot! I'm going to finish my old RRBBOIII bike: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=7492 .It's stripped down, waiting for paint. Parts have been sitting on the shelf since June 08! I hope I can remember where everything goes... ;-) Cheers! Hugo
  5. Hugo

    Movimento Alternativo 2009

    In my town we have a ride for cruisers, choppers, old muscle-bikes and all kinds of alternative bicycles. This year was the best, with 60 people showing up (that's a lot for my town, trust me). It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a picnic in the middle of the park before setting out for a...
  6. Hugo

    Vespa bicycle

    Hi guys, I'm back. Boy, I really missed RRB! Hopefully I'll be hanging out more and finishing a couple of frozen projects. I come bearing gifts! I spotted this Vespa scooter slash bicycle: Hugo
  7. Hugo

    Bicycles getting shredded (first 60 seconds boring) So... I didn't miss anything interesting in the past few months, right? No cool bikes, nothing of the sorts? Good. Hugo
  8. Hugo

    Cargo bike for only one euro!

    See what I did there? You thought it was a real bike, but it's not. And that makes it funny. :mrgreen: Hugo
  9. Hugo

    Weird Paioli bike

    Not mine, spotted at a motorcycle race. Paioli brand (that's a motorcycle suspension manufacturer!, made in Italy, weird oversize lugged construction, seems foldable/colapsable? Hugo
  10. Hugo

    My trip to California

    Hi guys. I just came back from one week in California! I had the good luck of atending the 2009 Specialized Press Launch (I write for a MTB magazine) and got some cool bike stories to share. It's going to take me a few days to get all my photos organized, but here's a quick one of me with Mike...
  11. Hugo

    Looooooong bike

    From the Make blog: ... _show.html I'm sure you could ride it by attaching two long pieces of rope at each end of the handlebars... Hugo
  12. Hugo

    Trailer hack

    Not mine, spotted at the flea market: Hugo
  13. Hugo

    You Know You Are a Rat Rodder When... (YKYARRW)

    I've done a few of these, so here's one for Rat Roddin'. Feel free to add some more! You Know You Are a Rat Rodder When... (YKYARRW) have one of the first batch of RRB t-shirts wear your RRB t-shirt so often it's getting worn out entered the very first RRB build off...
  14. Hugo

    "Swedish Army Bike"

    Remember the Crescent swedish bike I scored a while back? viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4621 Well, she's joining the army! :) Let the games begin! Hugo
  15. Hugo

    Make your own time-lapse video

    I wanted to do a bicycle related time-lapse video but haven't had the chance yet. I made a scooter one, though. Here it is: ... strip.html It was pretty easy to make! All you need is a computer, a webcam, and some software that's simple to use and...
  16. Hugo

    Pedal powered forklift. Yes, forklift.

    ... and other cool bumper-car-ish machines. ... klift.html Hugo
  17. Hugo

    Free frame and hub

    Yesterday I spotted a rather large road frame sitting in a friend's back yard. I had been keeping my eye out for a large road frame (I'm tall) so I could have a go at building a hipster bike. I started looking at it and my friend said "Do you want that? It's yours, take it! Wait, I've got a...
  18. Hugo

    Longest saddle ever?

  19. Hugo

    Crappy motorized cruiser

    Some dude over here is trying to sell these. Geez, aren't there any zip ties in China? (bigger picture) Hugo
  20. Hugo

    Hot Wheels bike bell

    I spotted this at my LBS and treated myself. It's cute, and it's got flames. Geroutamaway, silly pedestrians! Pling! pling pling! Hugo