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  1. Baron von Zach

    Pimp my Pashley

    Yeah, I admit it, I have a Guv'nor. Because I'm old and fat and ugly. I just couldn't see those cheesy beige tyres anymore. Also replaced those naff MTB brake levers: Next thing to be addressed is that crankset.
  2. Baron von Zach

    Puch Mini Sprint bestowed shelter at the von Zach Towers

    Look what I found: Sadly it has a quite unusual (at least for me) tyre size - 20 x 1 3/8 or 37-451. However, since the frame has the right shape, I'm planning to do this up in the old Stingray spirit.
  3. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza is being restored

    The bike has been intruduced already in the Fresh Finds corner: Luckily I have some disposable dosh lyring around atm, which always makes me nervous. So before it evaporates without a trace, I am using it to restore...
  4. Baron von Zach

    The Baron's Bonanza

    There has been a trip to Germany. Them Germans are a friendly bunch (no, really!) and one of them gave me this: This was Germany's answer to the American Krate bikes. It was a short lived fad in the early Seventies, that soon got trampled in the BMX stampede. Although these (and many...
  5. Baron von Zach

    1967 Carlton Corsa Strada

    Fancy finding this at your local scrappie? A thorough cleanup has already commenced: So, what have we got here? A Worksop built Carlton frame made from some obscure butted lightweight tubing. It is not Reynolds 531, but it feels light. Williams steel...
  6. Baron von Zach

    Free Raleigh Winner

    Today the family scrap metal merchant stopped in front the von Zach residence and this fell off his lorry: My newest foray into the Reich of the pitted chrome, the perished slugwalls, and the peeling stickers. Oh don't we all adore it? This is what it looked like roughly ten minutes after it...
  7. Baron von Zach

    Catch Of The Day - The Bigfish

    This is what I got me new on the Cycle Scheme this year. It is so quirky, that I had to have it. The Bigfish was designed by a team in Slovenia, then produced by a company in Italy. I was lucky enough to catch the last one to be ever sold in England.
  8. Baron von Zach

    Falcon Team Banana

    Got it from my resident scrap metal merchant: Soooo Eighties...
  9. Baron von Zach

    Bratz For The Little Baronesse

    I found this in a ditch a few years back: Everything but the frame was rubbish. But I kept the frame all these years. Now I built it into daughter No. 2's Easter gift:
  10. Baron von Zach

    My Dyno Glide Deluxe Goes West

    This is what it was like last year: This is as of today: The mods are subtle, but altogether the bike now looks more integral. Both stems and the handelbar are now black. Black torpedo grips. Black chainwheel. Black German pre-war rims. Lepper Primus saddle. Sachs Torpedo two-speed...
  11. Baron von Zach

    Bratz Kids Bike

    I literally dragged this out of a ditch a few years back. I kept it ever since to eventually rebuild it for daughter No. 2. She is almost six now, and I decided to make it into her Easter gift. It looks better in the pic than in real life. Pretty much everything except the frame is toast. It...
  12. Baron von Zach

    A Scandinavian Lady Has Arrived

    In form of a Danish SCO "verdensmestercyklen". My guess is this means "world champion cycle"? The Danish forum members may make me stand corrected. Anyway, the real reason I bought it is that it is basically a set of 700c stainless Weinmann rims with stainless spokes and a Fichtel &...
  13. Baron von Zach

    Baron von Zach presents: The Sparkling Suicide

    It had it's first day out today. The pedals are only a temporary solution. I just couldn't find any 1/2" rat traps in England and had to have a set sent over from the States. Of course, they didn't arrive in time for today's event.
  14. Baron von Zach

    Could this be the Facel Vega of Bicycles?

    Was at the bike jumble today. Didn't sell a bloody thing so it was a total loss. To add insult to injury, I just couldn't resist buying this: The frame was made by a company called J. Mac in Lannemezane. Isn't it just 'so French'? It is extremely lightweight and indeed challenges...
  15. Baron von Zach

    Operation "Sparkling Suicide"

    I always said that after the Blitzen Bike I'm going to do another fully chromed 26"er one day. The day has now arrived and the goal is to have the bike ready for a bike jumble next Saturday. Starting point is a no-name chromed frame I got from a bankrupcy sell off a few ages ago. With it goes...
  16. Baron von Zach

    Free Hercules Landed

    Today the door bell rang and a man I've never seen before asks: Are you that nutcase with the bicycles? After I affirmed his question, he asked me whether I wanted another bike, or whether he should proceed to the tip with it. And so below Hercules Balmoral found its way into my dungeon: It...
  17. Baron von Zach

    Operation Gravedigger - Klunker Build

    A few of the rather normal guys around here approached me the other day and suggested to re-enact the Repack Races of yore. The venue are the fire roads in the mountain forests near Macclesfield. ... re=related Only Klunkers with coaster brake are...
  18. Baron von Zach

    The Kandy Kiss - Finished!

    Took it out for the first test ride - like a dream! Then gave it a torough clean and polish under England's blistering sun. For those who want to know: Frame is a KHE, made in Germany. Wheels are 24" 72h with 24x3 white Street Hog semi slicks. White seat, grips, and pedals...
  19. Baron von Zach

    Puch Mini

    Today I hauled a load of rubbish to the local recycling park. I'm not going often, but when I'm there, I can't avoid to peep into the scrap metal container. Low and behold, I found this in it: A bit more rummaging yielded this pouch: It was in close proximity to the bike, hence my...
  20. Baron von Zach

    The Kandy Kiss

    The whole thing started with a German KHE frame: And a set of white Innova 24x3 semi slicks: This is the first mock-up: The fork and 24" 72-spokers I still had lying around. Everything else is ordered and I expect delivery pretty soon. All the pieces are ordered in white. White pedals...