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  1. Phil Zone

    Various Bicycle Seats (Brooks, Persons, Schwinn)

    1. No badge blue and white with crash rail : $40 shipped 2. Red and White persons : $40 shipped 3. Brooks black leather: $65 shipped 4. Brooks black leather: $65 shipped 5. Black Persons : $40 shipped 6. Green Schwinn S: $40 shipped Additional photos available upon request
  2. Phil Zone

    REDUCED CWC frame Roadmaster Badge (repaint) $100 + shipping

    CWC Frame: appears structurally sound. Older repaint. (I don't know what is under repaint) Roadmaster Badge $ 125 plus shipping via bikeflights
  3. Phil Zone

    Spaceliner turned rust liner. Barn find.

  4. Phil Zone

    1954 JC Higgins Colorflow

  5. Phil Zone

    Barn Find Huffy Scrambler

    Oh boy I can't wait to clean it up...
  6. Phil Zone

    Huffy rims

    Does anyone have experience utilizing Walmart like Huffy rims/ wheels on their builds. I see a lot of cool colors but wonder about the general performance and durability. Any advice welcome. Newbie builder. Thanks
  7. Phil Zone

    Coaster brake overhaul.

    I have been given different advice on lubrication when overhauling a coaster brake. Any thought on these viewpoints: Lube the bearings only. OR Lube all parts including brake pads.
  8. Phil Zone

    Best tires for middle weight

    Hel I o, Any recommendations on the best tires for middle weight refurbs. NOS is generally too pricey and the Kendas kind of thin and weak. I am working on Schwinns and Columbias primarily. Thank you for any advice.
  9. Phil Zone

    Phil intro

    Hello, I am new to the site and already grateful for some of the advice I have received. I live in Boise, Id. I got into old bikes about 2 years ago. Odd how addictive it can be. I work as a wildland firefighter so most my projects are accomplished in the winter months. I am currently working...
  10. Phil Zone


    Hello, I am a rookie bike refurbiser. I am thinking about Bluing (as in cold Bluing like a gun barrel ) a frame that I have removed all the residual spray paint from. Has anyone tried this? To what degree of success? Thank you for your reply. Sorry if this is a foolish question.