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    Show us bikes you have WON

    Show bikes you have won in contest, raffles, giveaways, etc. We have all been to events where a bike was a prize, or registered for bike in giveaway, or bought raffle tickets,...well lets see what you WON. I have been lucky recently and have won 2 bikes. I won a raffle bike at the 2011...
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    ART TOUGEAU 2012 (its art on wheels) w/pics

    This memorial weekend we went to Lawerence Ks. for Art Tougeaeu ( art to go ). Its an art car and bicycle event with show and a parade thru downtown Lawerence. Ive put together an art car, my 1993 Ford Festiva covered in Monopoly money. a few of the pedal contraptions the raffle bike, no I...
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    Frank Lloyd Rat

    Im throwing my hat into the ring. I got tooo many other projects I should be doing, but this will be motivation to get my Colson steer from the rear tandem up and going. Frank Lloyd Rat will be a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired bike. Here is what Im starting with.
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    Show us your PHAT..........bikes

    Ive noticed a few Phat bikes around here lately, so lets see them. Here is mine. I picked it up at a auction, the auctioneer said it was a "freshly stolen bike". OK OK, it was a police auction, they sell recovered/unclaimed bikes about once a month.
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    Colson steer from the rear Tandem

    Well here it is. Its a little ruff and missing some stuff. But its a great start for a rat bike, you know Im not much for restoring things to original. Its missing the rear steering linkage and the rear steer sprocket has been spot welded so it does not turn, but I think a little work with the...
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    the Fat Rat

    Here it is LIVE and IN PERSON, oh wait, I guest its not really live but it used to be, and not in person just photos on the internet, well anyway its the Fat Rat. I KILLED NO ANIMALS TO BUILD THIS BIKE. They were dead when I got them, I just re-cycled them.
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    BFS rebuild the Alumasled

    The Alumasled was built in 2006, its my second aluminum honeycomb composite bike. I built it from scratch, and became my favorite bike to ride. This bike has about 2500 miles on it. Its been used as a canvas for many of my parade and theme rides with the Coaster BC, its been Phantom of the...
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    the "Fat Rat"

    Beware ot the Fat Rat Well Im in. got a couple home projects done, and I need to build a new bike. Heres what Im starting with, most of the parts Ive had around for awhile, except for the blue band 2 speed KB, got it at the Midwest bicycle swapmeet a few weeks ago. Most of the bikes I build...
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    Teardrops of a Monark

    A before shot of the the crank/sprocket of Monark 13.
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    monark 13

    this is a $5 garage sale find from summer of 09, a bike the gf found and wanted to build for her 8 year old grand daughter who was with her when it was found. This bike was built with the intent that when the grand daughter is older it would be her bike, but for now its the gf's favorite bike...
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    !st BlackTop National car show...

    This weekend the 1st of what hopefully will be come an annual event, was held here in downtown Wichita, Kansas. A three day event that Ford was the major sponsor, that included the car and motorcycle show (100s and 100s of cool cars) , a couple of cruize nights with lots of screaming tires and...
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    "Sprocket Man" comic book

    Well I was out garage saleing yesterday and this is something I found. Sprocket Man comic book, Its a comic book with the super hero telling about bicycle safety, maintenance, and security. Its a U.S. government publication from 1981. the front cover the inside front cover page 3 of 28...
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    got me a steer from rear and a meteor

    Heres a couple of bikes I picked up recently. A homemade steer from the rear tandem, skiptooth, the rear sprockets are welded together, has decent coke bottle grips, one decent set of aero pedals, rear wheel is a Morrow hub with big spokes, it needs some work to get it nice, OK LOTS of work...
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    the Sharkbike

    Well, here goes. Im in the buildoff. But the bike I hope to build isn't going to be a rat bike, its going to be a shark bike. Now a little more info about me and this bike. For the past almost 20 years I have been creating artworks, I consider sculpture, based on automobile parts. Originally I...
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    Starliner ride in ICT

    I did a short ride with the camera on the Starliner, my RRBBO4 bike. It was a beautiful day. Here are a few pics. The rocket at Riverside Park, the rocket has been part of the play ground equipment ( it used to have a slippery slide come out of it) in the park forever that I know of. But, a...
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    TourDeFat slow ride CHAMP among us

    YES, at the Fort Collins, Tour De Fat 2009, Slow Race, RRB member, JON out slowed the competition and is the 2009 TDF Fort Collins Slow Race CHAMPION . He easily won his heat race against 5 other fierce competitors on his RRBBO3 bike Woodies Pub Kruza viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9668 moving on to...
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    the "Starliner" cafe racer

    Wel,l here it is, the Starliner. Base on a 26" Spaceliner frame with a 24" rat trap springer fork. With my version of bolt on drop out extensions, with an aircraft nose cone for that cafe racer look. Motivated by a 48 tooth star sprocket hooked up to a 2-speed kickback hub with 24 x 3 rubber ...
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    VW Bus bike

    This was a creation I built for the Coasters BC, Cardboard Box ride. It was also ridden in our Wichita Riverfest Sundown Parade that the Coasters BC participated in, which had a theme of "Get Your Groove On". With 1960s/70s theme I thought a VW hippie bus was a must. Check out the Cardboard...
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    the "Starliner"

    Yea, Im in. With so many cool bikes being built, I had to join in on the fun. Besides, I needed to build a new bike for the Coasters BC "ART of the BIKE" show at the end of July. As the name implies, Im using a newly acquired Spaceliner frame, Ive always liked the Spaceliner, and after seeing...
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    I got RATs in my shed!

    Well the sun was out, still cold, but I decided to try and rearrange the shed. Springs coming and I will for some reason be looking for more bikes, WHY? So, I took out all of the bikes, took pics, and put them back in, might have gained room for one more bike. Anyway heres the RATs that are in...