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  1. Kevin B

    Help Identifying These Parts

    A good friend gave me a 1998 Schwinn S-20 mountain bike. I've never owned or ridden a Mtb. Consequently I do not know what these empty brackets on the bars would have held. There is a pair and they are inside of everything else.
  2. Kevin B

    Tire Liners?

    I've gone a decade or more without any on the road flats. Now in the last week I have punctured a tube twice. I think it is because the County has been deploying bat wing mowers in some of the neighborhoods cutting brush and leaving little sharp wood chips on the road. Not finding nails or...
  3. Kevin B

    Ode to the Bottom Bracket

    Each year I service my bottom brackets a couple of times with a full cleaning and a lube with good grease. Lately I noticed a rhythmic clunk, clunk (sometimes sporadic) from a used bottom bracket I installed in a rebuild project. I opened it up and one single loose ball bearing was out of the...
  4. Kevin B

    Homemade Truss Rods - Part 2

    I made another set of homemade truss rods. The first attempt is recorded here That bike came out like this. This project below also has a fatty fork but without the fender...
  5. Kevin B

    Surge in Bike Sales

    According to Reuters there has been a surge in bike sales because of the pandemic. People are wary of public transit and are turning to bikes. As...
  6. Kevin B

    Rat Rod Forum Advice Needed For Building Truss Rods from Scratch

    For some time I have been wanting to add faux truss rods to a bike. So I have poured over many of the forum posts about making truss rods. My recent acquisition "The Swamp Tiki Cruiser," has front forks with the perfect attachment point. So I am giving it a try . . . Today I ordered a 6'...
  7. Kevin B

    Big Daddy Don Garlits with His Bicycle

    I posted this here from a link 9 years ago but the link is dead. Thought I would update. This is none other than Don Garlits as a boy. His biography says he made money working on bicycles. My dad was a neighbor of his then. Don is a couple years older than dad.
  8. Kevin B

    The Swamp Tiki Cruiser

    I've been a member for a few years but rarely post. Mostly I come here and use the search feature for bike build/repair/maintenance help. However, I wanted to share a bike I've been working on. My regular cruiser is a 11 yr. old full fendered Schwinn. But because of this forum I have been...
  9. Kevin B

    Truss Rod Inquiry

    Has anyone tried these Royal Enfield truss rods from India found on ebay? I have tried searching the archives and haven't had any luck. They seem like the top mount must clamp around the stem...
  10. Kevin B

    Chain Master Links

    :?: Really basic question. Do modern import cruisers (particularly Schwinn Windwoods) have master links? I would like to be able to remove my chain for thorough cleaning but can't seem to find any master link. Do I pop a link anywhere and install a master link or should I try to locate...
  11. Kevin B

    Made a handlebar mount for my GPS

    I wanted to try my GPS on my cruiser. The mounts I found on the 'Net for a TomTom unit didn't get the best reviews. I built a mount using two peices of 1/8" aluminum. I sandwiched the factory suction cup mount between them by cutting a hole in the center of the top peice. I bolted it in the...
  12. Kevin B

    Taller Stem on Schwinn Windwood

    I have a lowly Schwinn Windwood with a stock cast aluminum 22.2 stem and the original chrome handle bars. With the stem right at the high limit level it is still to low to sit upright. Has anyone tried one of these stems from Sunlight on the Windwood frame? A Windwood only has about a 5.5...
  13. Kevin B

    Homemade Old School Bike Tool Box

    Part of the appeal of bikes to me is that they are is a throwback to a simpler time. I have a three level rolling tool box but I wanted to make an old school homemade tool box to go along with my bike for some of my bike tools. It is solid wood with an aluminum pipe handle. bout 14" x 6" x 8"...
  14. Kevin B

    The Original Rat "Swamp Rat," that Is . . .

    Just found this picture of Big Daddy with his bike in the 40's. His bio says he earned money working on bikes.
  15. Kevin B

    Lee County Florida (Fresh panther tracks)

    Maybe 25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida becomes wild country. This is a picture of the palmetto scrub in my neighborhood. It harbors all kinds of wild life. There is a great canal with good fishing behind this scrub.
  16. Kevin B

    Hi from SW Florida

    Been lurking here for a little while. I really enjoy reading about the build ups. I don't have a rat rod bike. I do have a modern cruiser that I have tried to make mild modifications in a retro style. Someday I may do a rat rod bike. The technical advice here is helpful to any biker and you...