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  1. Vroom

    Primer finish

    Here's a tip that's Rat Rod friendly (inexpensive) When I recently finished my red primer RR (tomorrow's Rat) I used lemon pledge on the frame and it gave it a subtle sheen and is not prone to fingerprints , grease and dust! :lol: And it smells good too! I applied it and gave it a...
  2. Vroom


    :D Well, I got the old Norco sanded down and painted yesterday and I am happy with the results. The only thing left to do is finish up the checkered insert for the frame. I like some feedback on this color combo, do you think it works? One other option I have on this bike is...
  3. Vroom


    It was Christmas eve and all through the house Not a creature was stirrin' Not even a RAT. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Ratters, and to all a good night. Vroom :wink:
  4. Vroom


    Are these hard to come by, I got a coffee can full of new ones.
  5. Vroom

    Today's find , Tomorrows Rat

    :P Well maybe not tomorrow but soon! I know it's not real old but in Canada there is not to many old cruisers like you have in the USA. What I like about these Norco's (I have 3 ) is 24x3 tires fit the frame with no mods. I'm guessing this is late '70'S or early '80'S. The plan...
  6. Vroom

    English Rat

    :) Check this out! Front and rear drum brakes and a good ol 3 speed. I am thinking of cutting the hubs out for a tandem cruiser project I have but I not sure yet. [/img]
  7. Vroom

    Painting aluminum rims?

    :?: Hey guys, has anybody spray-painted aluminun rims , if so how well do they stand-up? I am wondering if I have to use a zinc-chromate primer, LMK Thanks.
  8. Vroom

    Well let see if it worked

    Did it work? Here's 2 bikes I did 2 years ago for my wife and I.There semi-flat black frames ,her's with blue lacquer tin with Tremclad clear on top, mine has just red enamel.(much easier). They are heavily pinstriped with lot's of polished stainless acorn nuts and button-head machine...
  9. Vroom

    Posting Pics?????????????????

    :( There must be an easier way for an old-school guy to post pictures? I signed up w/ photobucket but I still can't get it!
  10. Vroom


    :D Way to go Rat Rod ,you got your 100 member today . Good job!!