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  1. noodlenoggin

    Voting, Schmoting

    I'm seeing a few threads and posts grousing about the voting, which is par for the course when you bring competition into things, I guess. We all had to pick three out of 88 really amazing bikes. (Well, 87 amazing bikes and mine. :D) I couldn't vote for some bikes that I really, REALLY liked...
  2. noodlenoggin

    Middle Child

    Admin, please use this photo for judging: Middle Child -- Huffy Sea Trails by Nick, on Flickr Before: a $20 Huffy Sea Trails from Craigslist: Huffy Sea Trails Right Side by Nick, on Flickr After stripping, cleaning, replacing parts from another $20 Craigslist donor and repainting...
  3. noodlenoggin

    Middle Child -- Done!

    This'll be build #4 for me. I picked up this Huffy Sea Trails for $20 on Craigslist from a guy about a mile from my house. This'll be my oldest daughter's bike, as she's outgrown the Stingray L'il Chik I restor-- um, cleaned up for her a few years ago. Huffy Sea Trails Left Side by...
  4. noodlenoggin

    Couple of Vista Cruiser pics.

    No big deal. I took a couple of pictures of the Vista Cruiser out on the trails while riding this evening. Vista Cruiser on Trail by sunliner500, on Flickr Vista Cruiser on Trail 2 by sunliner500, on Flickr
  5. noodlenoggin

    OCC Army Stingray

    We're done! :D Build thread: OCC Army Stingray First, the bike as a whole. It's basically the same as stock except for colors, and we added the cans. I really like they way it looks in olive green and black, though, and I'm stoked about the forks, and super-stoked about the way the ammo...
  6. noodlenoggin

    OCC Army Stingray (Father/Son build)--FINISHED!!

    So I was browsing the Tampa Craigslist this morning, and I stumbled on a Schwinn OCC Stingray for $15, 10 miles from my house. Quick van ride later and I have a fully functional chopper bike for my son, with reflectors and everything. It's covered in surface rust, so it's perfect for a project...
  7. noodlenoggin

    Ladies Firestone 500 Speed Cruiser -- OMG IT'S DONE!

    We've been looking for a bike for my wife for a while now. I thought it was going to be one of those cheap, new Huffies or Schwinns from Walmart, but was hoping to find a project to clean up for her. She's short -- borderline needs-a-24" short, but I found this Firestone 500 here on RRB from...
  8. noodlenoggin

    Bike shop in Tampa Bay?

    Sorry if this has been asked or I'm in the wrong area--I moved to the Tampa Bay area a year there a bike shop in town that's not out to sell designer bikes to the wealthy? I know the Suncoast club is around here, any recommendation?
  9. noodlenoggin

    Transplanted in Tampa

    Hey everyone. I've been a member of RRB since '09 or so, but away for a couple of years while I went to graduate school and earned my MBA. My intro thread was: Hello from Northern Michigan When I graduated this spring, though, I got a new job and relocated my family to the Tampa Bay area, so...
  10. noodlenoggin

    Neat Old Tandem Bike

    There's a neat old tandem bike on display in a little museum in, of all places, an expressway rest-stop in Clare, Michigan. It looks like it's set up for a guy in back and lady in front, and has a neat back-seat steering system. (to make Flickr happy, here's the link to the photo's...
  11. noodlenoggin

    Northwest Michigan, Traverse City-ish.

    This is a shot of my street, past the Sting-Ray. :D I live in Buckley, 20 miles south of Traverse City, where I work. So on my commute, I see this about 2 miles from home: And this (Silver Lake) about 10 miles from home...still on my commute: But 7 months out of the year, my commute looks...
  12. noodlenoggin

    Late 80's Cannondale MTB

    This is my "other" bike -- if by "other" I mean the one that's in one piece that I actually ride. It's a late 1980's Cannondale MTB that my mom bought used back in...gosh, I guess it was the late 80's. When she passed away in '97 I inherited it, and it spent the next ten years chained outside...
  13. noodlenoggin

    Vista Cruiser -- Completed!!

    Okay...this is officially my first cruiser build, and it's been a long-term thing. Back in the summer of '06, I picked up a neat old bike at a yard sale for $3. It'd been painted with gloppy green housepaint, but it was just somehow cool: I took it home, put air in the tires and they held...
  14. noodlenoggin

    Schwinn Stingray L'il Chik -- Done! (7-17-09)

    Well, this isn't my first cruiser build, but it looks like the first one I might finish! :wink: Last year my dad's wife (note: I should really start calling her my step-mother, I guess :roll: ) let me have her daughter's (my step-sister's) old bicycle for my oldest girl. It's a purple...
  15. noodlenoggin

    Hello from Northern Michigan

    7-10-2015: First -- Links to my Builds: Vista Cruiser -- my first cruiser build Schwinn Stingray L'il Chik -- my oldest daughter's bike Late 1980's Cannondale MTB -- aka, my first bike project Firestone 500 Speed Cruiser -- project for my wife OCC Army Stingray -- Build-Off #8 bike, and chopper...