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    Seems like a big shiny front hub motor would work well on that Spaceliner. -A mid-drive will cause you to change that unique crankset and may interfere with the original chain guard. -It will be tough to squeeze a hub motor between the rear dropouts and you would lose the coaster brake.
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    24 inch Spaceliner-ish Spyder-ish something-or-other

    The dual rear brakes tells me you have a Spyder. Well done.
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    SHIMANO 600

    600 is the equivalent of the more recent 105 group. Mid level.
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    Lets see some 24" lovin

    Its a 24 at one end.
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    Pepto-Bismol anyone?

    I prefer Pepto-Bismol pink to "Barney the Dinosaur" pink.
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    Electra Ghostrider- Rebirth 2021 mid-drive

    Great looking bike, but I will need a motor bigger than 250 watts.
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    Interesting stem shifters.

    I like those stem shifters much better than the usual gonad stabbers.
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    Sears middleweight

    Looks like a Flightliner. Have you run the serial no?
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    A Lowly NEXT cruiser

    Great to see a successful bike rescue.
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    easter egg pic this morning

    I like the egg-shell colored tires.
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    Red Bent

    'Bent bikes look pretty attractive at my age. I have been checking out the "Bike E" on craigslist and Fleabay. The box frame looks strong and simple.
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    1968 Schwinn 24/20 Custom

    Only a few makes offered a factory 24/20. Murray, Western Flyer and some others. Schwinn Sears, Raleigh offered some 20/16s.
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    1968 Schwinn 24/20 Custom

    24/20s rock.
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    The Drunken Squid

    Awesome bike for a Scurvy Dog.
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    Bendix 2 Speed Copy...

    That would look good on my Flightliner. It was originally a 2spd but I added a derailleur.