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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    My Cruiser 1 with 4 speed Nexus, old Redline cranks and Beartrap pedals.
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    My V12
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    Dyno Bike pics

    Here is my Dyno Coaster,
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    Dyno Bike pics

    Check out slow n low pedal scrapers based in Europe, not much going on now but the site had a big following a few years ago.I agree they are great bikes.Gary Turner (GT bikes) started building stretched frames with what he called 6 pack geometry.Google Gary Turner of GT bikes and their is a cool...
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    That is definetly one of all time popular Hot Rod themes. The other popular color combo would be black instead of red primer. :D
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    I still have the flaming eye and after seeing the pic I think I will drop the headlight lower and tuck it tighter to the frame. As far as the sprocket it does need something or a change, I might try a checkered inset on the chaingaurd so it breaks it up a bit. :)
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    Thanks Guy's, the whitewalls I bought that way. They are "Fattio's" made by Electra.
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    Here is an up to date photo, that one is almost two years old and many miles ago. Glad you like it! :D
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    Questions on changing handlebar grips

    8) Old skool ,your right i grew up in the '60's it 's worked for me for over 35 years and I have'nt had a bike explode yet! :lol: :lol:
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    An 840 Speed Flight of Fancy

    :) I was talking to a guy who was in his '70's and had a paper route when he was a kid . He said on their bikes they had three speed hubs and then they added multipule hubs to them. I could not figure out how he did this, but now that you point out the early hubs had screw-on cogs it...
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    my 1976 schwinn stingray 5 speed

    :shock: Wow, that is nice. I love it when you see those original survivors. Looks like a great start to your Musclebike collection! :mrgreen:
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    1980? schwinn clunker rat

    :) Those seatposts are great, I try to grab them whenever I come across them. This is another great looking rider. Vroom
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    the lucky 7 boardtracker kustom

    :D That's a great look karfer, kinda got that "vintage" look with the black and cream. When you say old style nexus hub what do you mean? Vroom
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    Questions on changing handlebar grips

    :D I use an air compressor also but from the open end . And to install them I usually just "spit" in them and they slide on great and it acts as a sorta glue. They set up faifly fast and you can still remove them when needed! Your bars should be 7/8ths and either 7/8ths or 1" at...
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    3 Speed Hub

    :D Bike looks good RR. There is a way to shorten your cable that is quite easy. Let me know if your interested and I will explain. Vroom