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    Bottom Dollar Boardtracker

    Well, its been a couple weeks, and i have made a few changes... A trip down to Seattle got me a pair of Continental Travel Contact tires for 30% less then they are up here in Canada... Not bad... Took a hacksaw to the last three inches on both sides of the bars, now it fits straight...
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    my Bloody Red build (DONE!!!)

    sweet ride! looks like a lot of fun to ride... great job!
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    monark "KRUSH" back on the road

    Re: monark "chicken coop special" mock up and a good story awesome idea with the brake pads! looks like brass knuckles.. paint job idea? :idea:
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    Bottom Dollar Boardtracker

    well, i've been making a few changes here and there... still saving up for the big changes... as for now, i replaced the stem with something a little bit more euro inspired to match the handlebars.. picked it up at my LBS for 9 bucks... gotta love those spring cleaning sales! new seat...
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    My latest Build

    COOLEST GRANDPA EVER !?!! 8) great job, he'll be the coolest kid on the block...
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    Felt Canvas Cruiser

    whoa! great bike, love that ole bomber style... seen a few pin-ups, but never the big shark teeth! got any more details on the cranks ??? i've been itching to swap out mine to a three piece...
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    Whats My Seat???

    Ohhhh... Hahahaha... :shock: :lol: Fair enough... I did have really high expectations from it when I got it on my bike too! Thanks for all the info tho guys, this is a perfect example of why this site is the best! -Brian
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    Whats My Seat???

    When I bought my 60's Firestone, it came with this seat here; I know that it says BROOKS, MADE IN ENGLAND etc. but is it the real deal? The most important question to me right now though, is... WHAT IS IT WORTH??? has anyone bought anything like it recently? Thanks in advance for the...
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    The "Algonquin" (short video added)

    Re: The "Algonquin" lovin the way those brown fat franks are going beside the patina red! cant wait to see more...
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    My "SIDE" Project

    WHOA! Great job with the welds, the whole thing looks really clean! Would love to see you change up the scheme a little bit, maybe BLUE JAYS??? :lol: :lol: Did you say you used a "BOOKCOVER" to redo the saddle? Like paper?
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    A RAT OF ANOTHER BREED (Now with Jerald Tire 4-10-11)

    Re: A RAT OF ANOTHER BREED Really really cool looking bike! Cool choice of bars, i've got something similar... I love the gold forks, really stands out... Simple too... Great bike... Whatsa cheater slick???
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    Street Skinny Typhoon DONE!

    Re: Street Skinny Typhoon That is one bad-lookin-mutha! Well done sir! Great photos! Great inspiration!
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    Bottom Dollar Boardtracker

    Well, I've been taking as much apart as I know how / have the tools to... Finding out little things along the way... I'm taking it to a bike mechanic buddy of mine in the next week to get the bars chopped down, and to get the back and front wheels spinning true, with the coaster hub tightened...
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    Bottom Dollar Boardtracker

    Here is the first few things I've done to it... Pulled off the ape hangers, threw on a real nice black Masi euro bend handlebar... Got rid of that hideous flaming eightball sticker decal, the light on the back end is a Portland Design Works - Danger_zone light... love it... plans - new rims...
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    Bottom Dollar Boardtracker

    Hey all, Brand new to this site, as well as custom bike building... I've played around and tinkered with bikes all my life though, used to ride a lowrider that I would buy the "coolest" after market parts for... But I've gotten a little project on my hands now! My girlfriend got me this bike...