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    Dude! New guy from Atlanta.

    welcome brethren
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    schwinn varsity single speed

    awesome,brethren, awesome
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    Blink's Bike Gallery

    nice brethren, nice
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    front wheel drive recumbent (PBFWD)

    Re: front wheel drive recumbent awesome brethren, awesome!
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    Basman darkvador

    nice brethren, nice
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    gold motobecane single speed

    awesome, brethren,......awesome
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    Spare Parts Special is FINISHED!!!

    upholster that seat to look like a 70's bar stool with brass rivets and velour fabric
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    Me and my bikes

    *triple thumbs-UP* positive purpose awesome builds ........keep up the GREAT work
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    Greetings from Atlanta

    overstood and appreciated
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    New member intro. Yay.

    Very person and bike that motivated me from lurker to poster Thx for the addiction - my wife hatz you :mrgreen:
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    Greetings from Atlanta

    I grab those 2 from Walmart today. Nothing else, huh? This bike stuff seem simple theses days. Back in '90 when I had my Fisher Celerity, I couldn't touch the thing without specialty stuff.
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    Noob, fo sho!

    Me too
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    Greetings from Atlanta

    Q&A Do I need any special toolz?
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    Greetings from Atlanta

    Wassup brethren, thx for the headz up