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    old BMX, what would be a good price?

    It's a Columbia built frame, it was probably a muscle bike like the Columbia Coyote? I'd probably offer something like $30.
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    JC Higgins model and date help please

    What is the number in the circle on the front hub, that could be a date code. There should be a date stamped on the middle of the bottom bracket spindle, but that's a lot of work just to look at.
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    Dumpster Diamond is DONE!

    Great job . The wood tank turned out great.
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    old muscle bike. any ideas on brand/model?

    Did the seller double the asking price from ten to twenty?
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    Beiwagenmaschine Type II (now with riding video)

    The nice thing about the bare look is that it doesn't hide all the work that was done. I dig it.
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    motor munday

    Great photos. It would be awesome to ride with a group like that.
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    Off on another tangent.... BSA custom long lean Path Racer "The Archduke" that turns into an Art Deco Roadster!!

    The attention to detail on this bike is just nuts.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I went out for a quick ride tonight and picked up a hitchhiker.
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    Bulk chain numbers?

    410 is 1/2x1/8 so it'll work for coaster brake/single speed bikes. It's also what's used (or was used) on some garage door openers. I asked my local garage door place if they ever ended up with any used garage door chain that came out of old installations, but they said no so I guess it's either...
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    I don't really have a good way of shooting a video other than holding my phone in one hand.
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    BO15 XLR8

    It's just a fixed rod to secure the arm in place, but it does emulate the look of a brake rod on a motorcycle. The brake arm can't fit horizontally because of the swing-arm design. I mounted it with the arm vertically and then there is an adjuster on the other side of the rod to take into...
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    This bike features functional front and rear suspension and a feet forward seating position for superior comfort, even in the roughest post-apocalyptic road conditions. It started with a vintage exercise bike frame. XLR8 Build Thread.
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    BO15 XLR8

    I finished up the brake rod this morning. It's done!
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    BO15 XLR8

    I got the frame painted and assembled. All I have to do now is fabricate a strap for the coaster brake arm.