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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    Thanks. Havent had much time to work on this. Family member passed away and we've been dealing with all that goes with that. Anyhow, I got some done awhile back but just hadn't had enough time to post it. Forks threaded(still need to cut it down), wheels are laced, trued, & tensioned. Got the...
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    Cart before the horse. #colortheory
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    Meh. Its notched and chamfered and ready to make solid after last night(not pictured).
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    What the .... ??

    Aside for the piss poor excuse for "work" done, I like it. It has an attitude that stands out more than the stock one(Sorry guys. I know you like nut & bolt stuff and no offense meant). Maybe I need to do a take on that that isn't a butcher job.....
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    Stress relief for a few minutes late at night. Had to patch the huge hole from cutting the top bar off(not the weep hole type but the forge pressed kind) got the front notched and when I can get a few spare minutes I'll notch the rear for the seat tube and finish fitting the top twin bars...
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    24" survivor .... please help to identify

    Mongoose. Drop outs and the circle stamping on the gussets are a dead giveaway.
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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    "That was delicate but ....... fierce." I'm partially in. Probably wont make the finish date since I have a family member on the way out. I'm hoping skating and building will take my mind off things and had fun last time I did a muscle bike Anyhow I have a frame, 20' of 1016 DOM tubing, some...
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    You've got mail!

    Maybe bend the top of the sissy back a few degrees?
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    Shock Ease Fork HELP!!

    I understand this thread is from March, but if you haven't gotten it apart yet, hit the brass with a torch(neutral flame) until it starts to become liquid then blow it out with compressed air(blow gun with compressor). Thats the fastest way to get the brazing out and will do a better job than...
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    Alchemist Custom Bicycles Gallery

    Told you guys it was sweet!
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    Her name is Uno

    Sorry, wasn't implying anything. I know they weren't(just said it since they were suede black) and I know you're a stand up guy also so I wouldn't even sweat it. Was just joking with you. Again, beautiful build all around!