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    Price check on aisle Nishiki...

    There's a lot to like about that package! Unfortunately, assigning value isn't so straightforward, especially in this crazy pandemic climate. Sellers are always at the mercy of their local market and prices are all over the place right now. BBB sets the resale at around $125.00, but honestly...
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    Removing an vintage brake disc?

    Bummer! That's how I would have tried. Now I fear the flange holes may not align quite properly. As a Plan B, you might try creating a wooden clamping block, with an opening roughly equal to the flange's diameter. That would let you grip the hub shell on all sides while you work to get the...
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    Dragst-Her Too

    Those slender-headed fasteners are called 'elevator bolts' in the industry, and are not the easiest things to come by. A merchant like Fastenal or McMaster-Carr can certainly supply them by mail, and you build enough groovy bikes to make the extra effort worthwhile.
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    Dragst-Her Too

    Woah! Hang're using a splined freehub, right? That's the style that should not turn with the spokes. At least, it wasn't intended that way. It's the older thread-on freewheels that pinch the disk between the hub shell, spokes, and ratchet center of the cluster, causing them to act...
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    Dragst-Her Too

    I had to think about this for a moment. The disk is supposed to spin with the cassette, and should be stationary while coasting. That's how it works on my modern Schwinn. The metal protectors are not the same as those chintzy plastic 'dork disks' that are often bound to the spokes. Am I not...
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    Rollfast Skat find

    I'd have grabbed that just for the saddle!
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    reusing spokes

    I employ used spokes all the time, that I obtain piecemeal from the local co-op. Sometimes, fortune smiles and I am able to grab an entire matched set that I remove from a wheel in the scrap bin. The one thing I haven't done is use the Hozan thread roller--you'll need to get that information...
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    Dragst-Her Too

    If the derailleur is struggling to reach the inner-most cog, and has also met its physical maximum with regard to 'swing,' then you might explore the possibility of shifting the entire derailleur assembly inboard. This may require some futzing with the derailleur hanger or drive-side dropout to...
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    Sears Model?

    Did you install the stem backwards for a reason?
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    Sears Model?

    Model #46910 is listed in the Dec '62 Sears Wishbook as the girl's Flightliner--price $56.95.
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    Super Spyder XL

    It's a red stripe. It's just really, really, really wide.
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    Vintage AMF Pedals - $2 (Elkton, MD)

    NOS 1/2" block pedals on sealed card. Too distant to make the trip or I'd grab them myself!
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    Get color back into sun-faded grips?

    Maybe try some of the vinyl dyes that car restorers use?
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    Sears Model?

    1964-65 Murray-built ladies' Spaceliner/Flightliner. Similar bikes produced for Sears prior to 1964 were branded JC Higgins. Originally came with a tank light.
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    Galaxy flyer year?

    These are both bikes manufactured by AMF. The red bike is from the early '60s as evidenced by its star-spangled chainring, which can be quite desirable. I suspect the green bike is a few years newer than that, maybe early '70s? I base that estimate on the later style chainring, the myriad of...