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    Racer vs Speedster

    Identical frames if they're the same size. Speedster was available with the small, curved tube frame, don't think the Racer ever was. ~Adam
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    Roadmaster Score

    That's a score! 1956 by the way, with a leftover Shelby chain guard. AMF bought both Shelby and Cleveland Welding Co. in the early '50s. -Adam
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    appraise these please

    I agree with tater. Neat old bikes, but not any major collector interest. -Adam
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    J.C. Higgins

    Monark wasn't a big supplier for Sears. But, being also in Chicago at the time probably got them small runs to fill out production. I've seen several gray ladies' models, some with tanks. But the deluxe models were all made by Murray. 273 is the official model #, but those numbers were only...
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    A strange bike indeed.

    Makes my back hurt just looking at it! ~Adam
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    Chain guards info

    First one may be aftermarket, if there are extra mounting holes for moving the brackets. Otherwise, in the late '30s, Colson, Huffman, Monark, Shelby, and probably others all had a similar guard. Very tough to tell apart! The second one is Westfield/Columbia, late 30's, also used early postwar...
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    Scored Rollfast, Western Flyer, and Murray today!

    Nice cleanup! That must have been their paperboy model, as the frame is different from their cantilever twin tube frame of the era. That chain guard was introduced in '63. -Adam
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    European tank bike

    That'd make a cool rat! That's a pretty common Euro frame, and it appears later used for Rapido bikes. And my Royce Union! Adam
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    coastking mystery

    Nearly all Coast Kings are either Huffy or CBC built, I'd guess CBC supplied most east coast stores, and Huffy the west coast. -Adam
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    Middleweight with lightweight wheels?

    I have an early '70s AMF, it's basically a middleweight with factory lightweight wheels & fenders. More common are Schwinn lightweights with middleweight rims. -Adam
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    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    I have an Evans with a Polish made "Lucznic" coaster brake, haven't rode it, but I wonder about it's performance! -Adam
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    He had an awesome sense of humor, and built some sick freak bikes! RIP Chainy! -Adam
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    SPRING - 1950

    Bike in the back looks to be Mead brown & cream. -Adam
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    Does anybody know if the prewar Columbia tanks fit CWC frames?

    I'm not sure, but I believe they'll fit a monark rocket frame. -Adam
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    My craigslist frame find

    Yep, early Ross, typically the first two numbers of the serial is the year, and later preceded by R. Ballpark '56-60 on that, aftermarket chain ring and guard. -Adam