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    How about a single pedal tandem?

    I was trying my hand at designing, just doodling, actually, when I realized I was fixating on King/Queen seats. These are the two level type used on old fashioned choppers. I thought about building a frame around the idea, with pegs for the passenger. I think it might have some use? Lots of...
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    Dragster look wheels & tires

    Slicks really compliment a dragster! Awesome!
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    Bamboo Frame-Set

    I've been thinking about bamboo for a fork truss. There is some inherent springiness!
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    Felt El Guapo 10/13 Lamborghini

    Impressive photography! Nice bike, too.
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    Marty's choppers

    Long travel forks are common in Whistler.:)
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    Thick Bricks on Electra

    Tire slap I think it's called. It's very present on some tires. It's like the bike tubes amplify it!?
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    Show me your stuff.

    I see you have an early 51! I have a double black with one piece that Micawbered itself. I am now fairly convinced Keef has the pups wrong way 'round. The stocker neck sings!
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    bending forks???

    Using old forks seems like my best option if I want to build a chopperesque parade bike. I cannot find a custom builder or retail option. Stretching seems out of the question unless I take up some form of welding. Nobody is producing wild lengthened forks any more. I suppose somebody managed...
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    Simple chop to a cantilever frame

    This and the fork bending thread are valuable resources, IMO. Modifying a bicycle frame is tricky beyond geometry changes. there is hardly any material to work! These are lean machines to begin with and reworking can simply burn through the resources. Thin tubing requires preparation and...
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    reconditioning tires

    I don't want this to be viewed as advice, it isn't. Anecdotally, I have seen super glue squirted into cracks while the tire is deflated. Re-inflate right away and let the glue cure overnight. I've personally used tire foam to dress my tires. It helps keep them fresh but don't get any on the...
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    Creative truss rod ideas?

    "Decorative only"? I thought these were a passive system to provoke conversations? If they don't work, then why are we...?
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    What an incredible build! The tank looks like a Felt. Are the tubes welded in, I wonder? I am just amazed. This should still be in production, at least as a replica. I feel like I have to re-evaluate everything I thought about design evolution.
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    346 Basman "Silver Bullet"

    Spectacular build! Basman of the year, for sure!
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    Huffy Super Fueler

    I love the forks!
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    Worked a name - Jubilee - FINISHED

    Great project, Spike! That is the nicest Romet I have ever seen. You know, I think I saw an old play called Romet and Jubilat? It was a long time ago.