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    74 Schwinn HD needs wax

    It’s a greasy death trap!! Didn’t wash it, just wiped the seat and grips down so I don’t get black mung on me when I ride it!
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    Nice! I swear every time I purge, then I find more!
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    Captain Awesomes Fresh Finds

    It’s crazy what people just chuck out to the trash
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    Bikes on bridges

    This bikes growing on me! Just as I’m posting this it’s started raining, got lucky or missed out depending how you look at it
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    Explanation needed

    Just because you got a tyco train set don’t make you an engineer
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    Pure fix

    I have had this thing all summer trying to sell! Today I moved the front break to the back, flipped the lever over to the right, cleaned a little and cloth wrapped the bars topped off with corks! As time goes I will sticker bomb!
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    74 Schwinn HD needs wax

    This wandered into my shop yesterday, had to buy it because it was cheap and I needed the jewels off the rack. Jon (whitecoyote) needed the rack, so he came and picked it up. He took it to Eastbike in centerline mi for Denny the wizard to take the bend out of the fork. Jon returned the beast and...
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    Bikes on bridges

    Love that trek it’s clean
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    You did you did a great job on that. I thought you were gonna punch me when you saw it the first time
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    80' blue schwinn cruiser

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    Bikes on bridges

    Not vintage but on a bridge! Pure cycles adventure bike.
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    Bikes on bridges

    Same bridge! Different felt!
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    So how attached to this one are you?
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    Bikes on bridges

    Second shake down for this one 7 miles out and 7 back. She’s not fast but she’s fun!
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    Bikes on bridges

    hope we can find our way back!