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    SOLD All These Goodies for $40 Shipped!

    Just getting rid of some loose odds and ends. Would like to sell everything as a lot, as shipping is just too expensive. Everything you see in the photos for $40 shipped! Includes: 2 brackets for dropstands 2 pair of chain tensioners (the nuts turn freely on each of these) 1 master link 1 seat...
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    SOLD 3 Lights and a Horn

    Selling these 4 items as a lot. Not sure if the 2 larger lights are in working order. The smaller, red light is NOS in the box. The horn is in very nice shape and it appears that all parts are intact, but I have not tested it either. $40 shipped for the lot!
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    SOLD NOS Pedals (3 sets)

    Would like to sell these 3 sets of pedals as a lot. They are new -- what looks like corrosion in the photos is actually just grease. Pedals are all 9/16 inch thread and the rubber measures 4 inches. $100 shipped for all 3 sets. Thank you!
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    SOLD Rear Racks (3)

    Selling these 3 racks as a lot. Too expensive for me to ship them separately. The racks are straight and solid -- corrosion is only surface. The rack with the lights is missing one retainer wire that holds the light fixture in place. $65 shipped for all three.
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    SOLD Women's Tank and 2 Chain Guards

    Not sure what bike the women's tank is from. The metal is solid and the corrosion is only surface. Would like to sell the tank together with the chain guards to reduce shipping costs. All 3 items for $50 shipped.
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    SOLD 4 Rear Hubs

    Selling these as a lot. 2 of them are New Departure, a JC Higgins, and a Histop. All 4 for $50 shipped.
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    SOLD Butterfly Wheel Nuts

    Vintage set of wheel nuts, as pictured. Cool accessory for your next build! $25 shipped.
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    SOLD 2 Sets of Pedals

    As pictured. Not sure what bikes they came off of. Both pair spin freely. $25 shipped for both sets.
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    SOLD Two Skip-Tooth Sprockets/ Cranks - Now $50 Shipped

    Reduced to $50 Shipped
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    SOLD Seiss Battery Tube - Now $60 Shipped

    Reduced to $60 shipped
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    SOLD Seiss Battery Tube - Now $60 Shipped

    As pictured. Metal (copper?) is solid throughout. Not tested. $80 shipped.
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    SOLD Two Skip-Tooth Sprockets/ Cranks - Now $50 Shipped

    As pictured. One of them is missing the hardware. $60 shipped and they're both yours!
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    SOLD Cube Pedal Reflectors

    These are kind of funky to spice up your next project. $30 shipped. (Note: box is not included)
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    SOLD Persons Tan Seat in Excellent Shape!

    The pictures pretty much tell the story. Barely a scuff mark on this one! The seat measures 11" x 9.5". $80 shipped. Thanks! Ray
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    SOLD 5 Skip-Tooth Hubs for $100

    Reduced to $100 shipped