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    1960-Something Huffy Corvair. Thoughts, value, etc???

    Yeah I might pass on the bike then. It's a cool looking bike but I was hoping for a little bit more on the value. Thanks for the feedback
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    1960-Something Huffy Corvair. Thoughts, value, etc???

    Cool thanks. It appears from the pics it has everything. Especially the main features like the tank light. Switch for the light. Says the lights work as well. How much is a bike like this worth. Any idea?
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    new build off idea ..

    Glad I could contribute to the build off. Lol. I may just have to enter. We will see
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    1960-Something Huffy Corvair. Thoughts, value, etc???

    I have an opportunity to pick up a girls Huffy Corvair from the 60s. It appears to be complete. I'm going to post some pics shortly but in pretty decent shape with all original parts including working dual headlight, is it a good deal at $150. ??? Any input would be helpful. I'm scheduled to...
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    Kids trike build off

    Like radio flyers, etc... I think this could be a fun build off.
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    Ski Bikes

    This one is tough looking. I like the use of the bmx bars as foot pegs. Mark 2
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    new build off idea ..

    I like the idea. Maybe a way to keep it honest would be for everyone to submit their list of parts to a moderator in the beginning. I guess people could still buy the parts so why not say it has to be all used parts and no fabrication cause some may act like they are welders but really outsource...
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    Rat Pack-Phoenix, AZ Based but all of AZ

    Sounds good. Thanks
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    Rat Pack-Phoenix, AZ Based but all of AZ

    No worries. Im not prejudice. All in all, I really just like to get a cool bike club together, preferably custom bikes but in the end, all types of cruiser enthusiasts. Vintage and new. I might be able to make that.
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    Not So Sexy at 60

    I was at the bike shop earlier this week and the dude said it was a schwinn but I'm still not sure. I did see something in the frame identification section on here that said schwinn frames have a smooth welding joint where the upper and lower cross bars meet connect to the front. Still though...
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    Tempe, AZ

    Luckily I live in an apartment. Ide like to do a trike and a female bike and leave it at that. I know what you mean though. I just picked up some fenders from some guy with that same problem. LOL
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    This bike has inspired me to want to eventually make a rat rod cruiser with a 1950 cadillac theme trike. I'm only currently on my first rat project which will not have any fabrication done to it. Anyways, how cool and fun would it be to take this thing for a cruise. #HEADTURNER
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    Rat Trike

    All I can say is Nice job. This You just made me want to make my second project a trike. Thanks
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    New Found Speedster

    Nice find. The build is looking nice so far
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    Tempe, AZ

    Thanks. Sor far this seems like a cool forum community with a lot of positivity and support.