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    Hey guys im only 15 and this will be the first build im going to try, i got a schiwnn mini scrambler
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    Whaddu in for?

    ive always been around old trucks and bikes that looked like ratrods, i juss kinda fell in love with the hobby
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    i picked ths up from a friend

    heres a chopper that i bought from a friend, he made this sweet lookin custom chopper
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    "GT" custom project ...

    dude tht iz the best lowrider bmx i have seen
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    pic/action thread

    heres me on my backyard chopper
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    my chop shop

    wat garage, my dad has all his stuff in it, so i converted my bedroom to my chop shop
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    rofl i like the migets goin at it, i agree break dance move rite ther
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    i have this redline frame from the 70s not sure exact yeat, had a license sticker from 77-78. but im making it matte black with anadized gree rims and cranks heres some pics rims are some bmx race hoops, with redline and bombshell hubs cranks are super maxy
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    ok so i thnk its time to get a bigger room, i oly have 1/5 of my bikie stuff in my room in i cnt put eny more in here some pics of my room the last pic is one of the many drawlings on my m\wall
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    new guy, intro inside

    nice, im not finished but i made a chopper out of a univega
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    Boardtrack pics.

    dude the harley ones got to b my fave, other wise nice collection
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    lucky brown kustom

    tht thing iz sick
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    odd ball

    actually its not tht slow
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    wats up

    i have posted 2 of my creations backyard chopper and odd ball
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    backyard chopper

    heres some pics of a chopper i made from a girls univega, i had some problems with the forks, didnt weld the with enough heat and the snaped firsts atempt of riding me welding, im only 15 and ive been welding fer 2 years almost done got to test it