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    Super Spyder XL

    That was actually a mount for a ginormous reflector! That bike had the biggest dang reflectors I’ve ever seen! :)
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    Project yet determined!

    I’m trying to decide what direction I want to go on this, but I’m definitely in! Trying to choose between entering 26” builds using these frames: Or using one of these for a 20” build: (And yes, those 2 clapped out twin Eliminators are 2 different bikes)
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    My brother and I both had a Vortex when we were kids. Very cool bike!
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    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    My son and I built this Schwinn Tornado earlier this year.
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    Captain Awesomes Fresh Finds

    I have a later model of the Columbia-built Newsboy, but mine is badged Rollfast. It had the same fenders, bars, seat, chainring, and the fat peaked fenders.
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    My junk

    I redline’d it and give a throughout detailing and it is a bad boy!
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    Show us your couples bike pairs.

    My Rixes
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    My junk

    My latest build - I built the ‘66 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle for my youngest daughter. I painted it House of Kolor Voodoo Violent for her. The last pic is the bike how I started with it.
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    Huffy muscle bikes

    No, not yet. I did build these 2 26” muscle from Huffy built frames though.
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    Huffy muscle bikes

    Huffy built Hiawatha Warrior GTO
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    Let's start another one

    I keep hearing tell of a muscle bike build off! I’m down for another as well!
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    BO15 CLASS 1 FINAL RANKINGS - Voting Results

    Congrats Kingfish and everybody else on a great build off! I’m overjoyed that my junk placed in the top 20!
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    1966 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle bike build

    I’m calling this one done! I got the brake finished up and I have one happy little lady! (Of course she was riding it before I got the front brake cable! )
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    Ted Williams muscle bike build

    I painted the guard, put on the new transition decals, and put the Free Spirit decal on the guard, but unfortunately I stuck the decal on the guard off the bike. I matched the bottom of the letters to the bottom edge of the guard thinking that would be level on the bike - but I was wrong! I’m...