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    Got a freebie BMX and it is so .... cool

    Re: Got a freebie BMX and it is so dang cool That is freakin amazing!!!! I love the wheels on it.
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    Got a freebie BMX and it is so .... cool

    Re: Got a freebie BMX and it is so dang cool it is a tuff neck. I thought of using it on my RBBO8 bike but started riding the bike and decided not to touch it.
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    Got a freebie BMX and it is so .... cool

    family friend gave me this bmx that he found in the trash!!!! I love this bike, got the tires pumped and rode it around (no brakes so old school foot on the rear wheel stopage). I am going to keep it as is but grease everything.
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    RRBBO8 Discussion Thread

    great times!!! here is the final state of my build. so much fun to ride around on.
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    What about premature finishers?
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    craigslist find today

    I pick it up tomorrow. I is 1.5 hours away so I will update you when I get it. I may have to do some modification but the guy said it rides good.
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    craigslist find today

    oh yea, I can see the potential on this one.
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    craigslist find today

    I couldn't pass this up for $50
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    Re: FINISHED BIKES: The list Please use this photo. Thanks for putting this together and volunteering your time.
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    Missed the cut off to get these photos on the completed string since the wife surprised me and the kids with tickets to cirque du soleil. great time and well worth it.
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    Lemon Lime Stardust Fascination

    ichoptop, is this bike still in colorado? I would love to see it in person. killer work man.
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    ANGEL '0' DEATH & The Disciples. New Pics.

    *insert cus word of choice *. amazing!!!!!!
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    Firewing - 1953 Columbia 3 Star DeLuxe - (2nd Place) Mr September 2014

    Re: Firewing - 1953 Columbia Firewing 3 Star DeLuxe - MO PHOTOS killer work, it was amazing to watch the changes of everyone's builds as the deadline got closer and this was really cool to see evolve.
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    those bars look amazing on this's bike!
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    NDN Garage Days Pics

    I had a blast building this and learned a lot. Thanks everyone for all the feed back and ideas. I am going to try and do a photo shoot later this morning and update the photos and add a riding video, but wanted to post in the completed section incase the wife has other plans for me tomorrow...