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    Vintage mountain bike

    Looks like new !
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    Still Playing With the Mongoose Beast?

    Yes ... I'm definitely liking those wheels !
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    Mods on a Beast ?

    Thx guys ...... now I've got to start making a plan. Hey, this probably sounds dopey but, I'm finding this new area of bike stuff pretty darn exciting ... :)
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    Mods on a Beast ?

    . Amongst my collection of a dozen or so bikes is a pair of Mongoose Beasts in black (bought 'em on a killer close out deal). I get a kick out of riding these buggers around but I'm getting the itch to start a few mods on one of them. Maybe this is a goofy idea but I'm thinking about a smaller...
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    Bugdust...northeast in Little Rock

    . Trikes are cool ! I have lots of regular ol' bikes but no trikes. Lately I've been bitten by the trike thing ...
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    Rolf fat wheels

    Yep, that one had me going for a minute until I saw the date of the article ...... April 1st.